Brown v. Yale
Ivy Conference USA D1AA Playoffs

Brown Rugby Field   
Providence, Rhode Island

April 5, 2015: 11:30 A.M.


Field conditions on Sunday were better than Saturday with a bit less mud and wind, but conditions were more suited to a strong forward game than an open backline match. Brown again had the first half wind but did not use it as effectively as it should. Both teams wanted this win badly. Just before halftime one Yale player and two Brown players were on the sideline with yellow cards. With this disadvantage, Brown held on to maintain a 3-0 first half lead but gave it up as Yale scored to open the second half with the wind.

Five minutes later, wing Kwame McCain broke free for 40 meters with fly half Dan Tonderys and scrum half Thomas Kim adding some yardage allowing captain John Landers to score for a tenuous 8-5 lead with 33 minutes to play.

Yale, however, kept the ball and pressure in the Brown half where over the next 28 minutes Yale was able to score a converted try and two penalty kicks for 13 unanswered points. 

One minute later Brown’s Matt Donahue stole a Yale lineout and Landers took off again on a long run to the Yale goal line where Donahue scored Brown’s final try before time ran out for the Bears.

As with the Princeton match, one can observe team mistakes from the sideline but it was also rewarding to appreciate the supreme effort put in by the Bears in what was clearly Brown’s best played match of the season.

The match referee was Emily Hsieh.

Brown Squad

.1.        Jared Kay’14M, replaced as a yellow card sub by Reed Blair’15
2.         John Landers’17
3.         Henry Richardson’17
4.         Jake Rosenfeld’16
5.         Alex Coben’18
6.         Eric Nguyen’16
7.         Calum McClelland’16, replaced in the 58th minute by Erick Guzman’16
8.         Matt Donahue’GS.
9.         Thomas Kim’18
10.       Dan Tonderys’14GS
11.       Kwame McCain’15
12.       Phil Smith’15
13.       Nate Giacalone’16
14.       Placid Unegbu’17                               
15.       Pete McHugh’17


JF8204-Brown v. Yale 4-5-15