Brown First XV v. Cornell First XV

Saturday, September 23, 2017
Cornell Rugby Field
Cornell, NY
12:00 P.M.                    

Brown left cool and wet Rhode Island to play Cornell in unusually hot summer 80 degree weather in upstate New York and brought home an overwhelming victory. The Bears were superior in all phases of play, scoring almost at will and racking up 49 first half points. Brown scored 7 first half tries with the magic feet of #10 Alex Ogilvy and prop Alec Coben converting all of the first half tries. Brown conceded a first half try in the 9th minute and a terrific 35 meter drop goal in the 31st minute but then shut out the “Big Red” the rest of the way. Scoring was spread around with seven backline tries and five forward tries. However, those magic feet of the first half went cold in the second half with no conversions.

It must not be overlooked that Cornell this season is not a strong side. Brown is bigger physically and had more skill players, but the mistake prone Bears are still making tactical errors, with lapses in intensity and effort that are puzzling. The Harvard match pointed out much that needs work and although today was a positive step forward, this team needs a few weeks of hard work to bring execution to a competitive level with the best of the Conference.

Ogilvy, Economos and Hoynes have carried the scoring so far this season, so it was a pleasant surprise to see hooker Fran Rosenberg, prop Jasper Brayden, fullback Mike Ball, number 8 Jae Kim, wing Alan Swierczynski and center Connor McDermott each score a try with flanker Luke Hayhoe scoring twice. Hopefully this swing of fortune will motivate the squad to diligently prepare for its home match next week with Princeton and beyond.

Referee:    Kevin Dublim

Brown Squad
1.        Alec Coben'18
2.        Fran Rosenberg’18
3.        Brayden Jasper 'GS
4.        Max Loundes’GS
5.        Dakota Fenn’19
6.        Nkanyiso Nzimande’20
7.        Luke Hayhoe’18
8.        Jae Kim’20
9.        Trevor Anesi’17
10.      Alexander Ogilvy’20
11.      James Bradley’21
12.     Connor McDermott’18
13.      Mike Ball’18
14.      Nick Hoynes’18
15.      Christos Economos’21

Reserves:  Scott Brown’18, Thomas Kim’18, Federico Torti’18, Matt Tan’18, Quinn Larkin’18, Alan Swierczynski’18


Brown Second XV v. Cornell Second XV

With the Cornell Second XV short-handed, the Brown Second XV squad mixed in with Cornell for two 20 minute periods of play. The Bears won the match 37-15 but it is interesting to note that the three Cornell tries were scored by Brown players filling in on the Cornell side. Of note was the dynamic running of both forward Max Spurrell and back R.J. Oris, with Spurrell and back Nathan Zaldiver scoring for both Brown and Cornell.
It was a bit concerning when the Second Brown side noticed a shortage of Cornell players but the 10 aside format and the rotation of players kept everyone engaged and it was a fun match to watch. This writer noticed significant improvement in organization and understanding over last week. As well, the Second XV squad was deep with 21 players participating in the match.

Brown Squad
Brown Squad Forwards 1. Max Spurrell’21 2. Devyn Collado-Nichol’20, 3. Eliza Soto’21 4. Sam McGoldrick’20 5. Rock Hoffman’20, 6. Christopher Lewis’21 7. Scott Brown’18, 8. Sam Masto’21 9. Matt Tan’18, 10. Sam Oaks-Leaf’21 11. George Wilde’21 12. Finn Freymann’18 Backs 1. James White’21 2. Thomas Kim’18 3. Nathan Zaldiver’21 4. Silas Monje’21 5. Justin V andervelden’21 6. RJ Oris’20, 7. Rahul Dey’20 8. Alan Swierczynski’18 9. Federico Torti’18