Brown First XV v. Colombia First XV

Saturday, September 23, 2017
Marvel Field
Providence, RI
12:00 P.M.                    

With five first team players unavailable for this match, coach Laflamme was understandably concerned about team depth and cohesion against Columbia. However, the replacements stepped up with solid performances. Scrum half Thomas Kim provided solid ball service and also scored a first half try. Left wing Alan Swierczynski showed speed and aggressiveness with three tries and solid defense, Quinn Larkin was solid at flanker and rookie prop Sanoj Allen made good progress at loose head prop.

Columbia is having a down season, and the referee was forced to go to unopposed scrums after 30 minutes of play. Despite Brown’s forward dominance there were several very hard running players on the Columbia side who not only kept the Brown defense on its toes but made some excellent breaks into Brown territory, with one that resulted in Columbia’s only try in the second half.

The Brown backs tried to play an open game in the first half, but field conditions and mishandling resulted in Princeton forays in the Brown half in the first 40 minutes. In spite of Brown’s forward superiority, the tenacious Princeton team gave Brown fits in the first half with excellent tackling and counter attacks and were close on several occasions but unable to score. With only a 7 point lead as the first half wound down, the Bears were able to run in two late tries for a 19-0 first half cushion. Brown adjusted at half-time, kept its attack simple, and, after conceding the Tigers a try at 47 minutes, ran away with 17 unanswered second half points.

Flyhalf Alex Ogilvy made effective tactical decisions throughout the contest which offset an aggressive Columbia defense and the backs were able to break through the gain line better than previous weeks. It is clear that this team has the positional depth and skill sets to be better, but the devil is in the details, and it will take effort and team discipline to assure the progress necessary to move this team to the next level. At the moment, team health is good and if Brown can continue to bring along some of the newer players, both first and second teams can be formidable. This match created opportunity for several players to play for the First XV.

Scoring in the first half was dominated by the Kim’s (no relation). Number eight Jae Kim supported fly half Alex Ogilvy on a blind side break and scored on a 40 meter run. A lineout drive from the 5 meter line was moved the width of the field to Swierczynski who scored easily. A defensive scrum was won with wing Nick Hoynes making a break and then Jae Kim for 25 meters to score. As the half ended, fullback Christos Economos broke 25 meters to the goal line. Brown won the ruck and an alert Thomas Kim at scrum half, picked up the ball and dove over the line for a try.

In the second half, Economos and Ogilvy both scored but two 50 meter tries by Swierczynski were the tries of the match. Due to Brown’s second half lead and dominance, several players made their Brown First XV debuts: John Pena’18, Max Spurrell’21, and Nathan Zaldivar’21.

Referee:    Tom Zanarini

Brown Squad
1.        Sanoj Allen'18
2.        Fran Rosenberg’18
3.        Brayden Jasper 'GS
4.        Max Loundes’GS
5.        Dakota Fenn’19
6.        Nkanyiso Nzimande’20
7.        Quinn Larkin’18
8.        Jae Kim’20
9.        Thomas Kim’17
10.      Alexander Ogilvy’20
11.      Alan Swierczynski’21
12.     James Bradley’18
13.      Trevor Anesi’19
14.      Nick Hoynes’18
15.      Christos Economos’21

Reserves:  Max Spurrell’18,
James White’18,
Federico Torti’18,
John Pena’18,
Vivek Pandit’18,
Nathan Zaldivar ’18


Brown Second XV v. Colombia Second XV

Columbia as with Princeton and Cornell was short on numbers and Brown was forced to provide Brown players to create two teams of 12 players for a 40 minute match of two 20 minute halves. Sam Masto’21, Matt Tan’18, Chris Lewis’21, Rahul Dey’20, Logan Casey’21, Silas Monje’21 and Hersh Gupta’21 played on the Columbia squad for the entire match.
Although Brown conceded a Columbia converted try in the 4th minute of play, the Bears made that up in the 16th minute of the first half as wing John Pena beat the defense to the corner from 30 meters. Team captain Federico Torti converted, with the teams even at the half.

The second half was back and forth for 13 minutes and then in the final 7 minutes of the second half , the Bears erupted for five tries. Pena lead off the barrage with another 40 meter sprint followed by a nice try by Torti. However the try of the day was scored by Rock Hoffman. A ball was tapped into the air, ricocheted off another player directly into the hands of Hoffman who was running at full speed. A surprised Columbia defense could not recover and Rock ran it in from 30 meters.

In the last two minutes of the match, Austin Royer’21 and James White’21 both scored with Torti and White respectively converting, adding 14 points to Brown’s total.

Brown Squad
1.Sanoj Allen'18
2.Max Spurrell’21
3.Elija Soto’21
4.Sam McGoldrick’20,
5.Rock Hoffman’20
6.        Austin Royer’18,
7. George Wilde’21
1. James White’21
2. Nathan Zaldivar’21
3. Justin Vandervelden’21
4. Danilo Jiminez’20
5. John Pena’18
6. Federico Torti’20