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Photos Courtesy of Rob Migliaccio

2020 Spring Schedule

Brown Head Sailing Coach: John Mollicone
Cell Phone: 401-935-0594
Email: [email protected]

2020 Brown Sailing Team Officers
Team Co-Captains: Julia Reynolds ’21/Jack Murphy ‘22
Commodore: Annabelle Hutchinson ‘21
Secretary/Treasurer: Justin Chiang ‘21
Crew Captain: Emma Montgomery ‘22
Fleet Captains: Jack Murphy ‘22/Emi Ruth ‘22/Severin Gramm ‘23
Rear Commodores: Zack Jordan ‘21/Blaire McCarthy ‘22/Maddy McGrath ‘22/Tucker Weed ‘22
Freshmen Captains/Recruiters: Izzy Cox ‘23/Hunter Zonnenberg ‘23
Webmaster: Spencer Dellenbaugh ‘23
Gear Consultant: Maddy McGrath ‘22

2020 Spring Schedule
Feb 29-March 1 Sharpe Trophy Team Race @ Brown (FJs) 1st out of 8 Teams, 12-5 Record
Feb 29-March 1 Hap Moore Team Race @ Coast Guard (FJs) 2nd/8,10-4 Record
Feb 29-March 1 Women’s Team Race Regatta @ Boston University (FJs) 1st/6, 13-2 Record
Feb 29-March 1 Rhody the Riveter’s Women’s Regatta @ Salve Regina (FJs) 1st/10

March 7-8 Navy Women’s Spring Interconference @ Navy (FJs/Z420s) 3rd/14
March 7-8 St. Mary’s Team Race @ St. Mary’s (FJs/Z420s) 3rd/10, 10-7 Record
March 7-8 Team Race Invite @ MIT (FJs) 2nd/11, 17-5 Record
March 7-8 Icebreaker Invite Fleet Race @ Tufts (Larks) 2nd, 4th/16

March 14-15 Southern New England Team Race @ Coast Guard (FJs/Z420s) CANCELLED
March 14-15 Geiger Trophy Team Race @ MIT (FJs) CANCELLED
March 14-15 Camel Fleet Race @ Connecticut College (FJs/Z420s) CANCELLED
March 15 Central Series 1 @ Mass Maritime (FJs) CANCELLED

March 21-22 Friis Trophy Team Race @ Yale (FJs/Z420s) CANCELLED
March 21-22 Duplin Women’s Team Race @ Tufts (Larks) CANCELLED
March 21-22 Vietor Trophy @ Coast Guard /FJs/Z420s) CANCELLED
March 21-22 Eagle Team Race @ Boston College (FJs) CANCELLED
March 22 Central Series 2 @ Mass Maritime Academy (FJs) CANCELLED

March 23-27 Spring Break Practice Week @ University of South Florida, St. Pete, FL (FJs/Z420s) CANCELLED

March 28-29 Women’s Brad Dellenbaugh Trophy @ Brown (FJs/Z420s) CANCELLED
March 28-29 Marchiando Team Race @ MIT (FJs/Fireflies) CANCELLED
March 28-29 BU Trophy @ Boston University (FJs) CANCELLED
March 28 Herring Pond Team Race @ Mass Maritime (FJs) CANCELLED
March 28 Saturday Salve Regina Invite (Larks/FJs) CANCELLED
March 29 Sunday Salve Regina Invite (Larks/FJs) CANCELLED
March 29 Central Series 3 @ Mass Maritime (FJs) CANCELLED

April 4-5 NEISA Team Race Champs/Fowle Trophy @ Harvard (FJs/Z420s) CANCELLED
April 4-5 Women’s Emily Wick Trophy @ Yale (Z420s/FJs) CANCELLED
April 4-5 Mystic Lake Team Race @ Tufts (Larks) CANCELLED
April 4-5 Southern Series 5 @ URI (FJs) CANCELLED
April 5 Tyrell Trophy @ UConn (FJs) CANCELLED

Easter Weekend
April 11-12 Women’s Team Race National Invitational @ Brown (Z420s/FJs) CANCELLED
April 11-12 Thompson Trophy @ Coast Guard (Z420s/FJs) CANCELLED
April 11-12 Women’s President’s Trophy @ Boston University (FJs) CANCELLED
April 11-12 Oberg Trophy @ MIT (3-div FJs/Fireflies) CANCELLED
April 12 Central Series 4 @ Tufts (Larks) CANCELLED

April 18-19 Women’s NEISA Champs/Reed Trophy @ Brown (FJs/Z420s) CANCELLED
April 18-19 Boston Dinghy Cup @ MIT/Harvard (3-div FJs/Fireflies) CANCELLED
April 18-19 George Morris Trophy @ Boston Univ. (FJs) CANCELLED
April 19 O’Toole Trophy @ Mass Maritime (FJs) CANCELLED

April 25-26 NEISA Dinghy Championship @ MIT (FJs/Z420s) CANCELLED
April 25 Southern Series 7 @ URI (FJs) CANCELLED

May 9 Alumni/Parent Regatta, Ted Turner ‘60 Sailing Pavilion (FJs/Z420s) CANCELLED

ICSA Spring Championships @ Tulane, New Orleans, LA
May 25 ICSA Annual Meeting CANCELLED
May 26-27 ICSA/Sperry Women’s National Semi-Finals (Z420s/FJs) CANCELLED
May 28-29 ICSA/Sperry Women’s National Championship (Z420s/FJs) CANCELLED
May 30-31 ICSA/Gill Dinghy National Semi-Finals (Z420s/FJs) CANCELLED
June 1-2 ICSA/Gill Dinghy National Championship (Z420s/FJs) CANCELLED
June 3-5 ICSA/LP Team Racing National Championship (Z420s/FJs) CANCELLED

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