The Mood Disorders
-Depressive Disorders
-Bipolar Disorders
Required Readings  
Major Depression *
Bipolar Disorder*
Lecture: introduction to major depression


Additional Readings, Audio and Video





an overview about bipolar disorder by Dr. Linda Austin (MUSC) (10 min)
ECT for depression by Dr.Milton J. Foust (MUSC) (20 min)



View film clips*:

Major Depressive Disorder
Agitated Depression

Specific symptoms:
An example of "flight of ideas"
Another "flight of ideas" example.

*courtesy of the Association for Academic Psychiatry

Useful clips from Youtube (these links may not work from hospital servers)

Depressed by  Twstdchick




I'm depressed guys, by Tarnnia





Bipolar Disorder by exception721


semipro video done by the group. More available at the blogger's link above.