Schizophrenia and the Psychotic Disorders    
Required Readings  
Schizophrenia *
A presentation on Schizophrenia


Additional Readings, Audio and Video

A summary of schizophrenia by the US Surgeon General
Another decent overview of the disorder




an overview about schizophrenia by Dr. Christopher Pelic (MUSC) (8 min)
medications for schizophrenia by Dr. Christopher Pelic (8 min)
treatment of schizophrenia by Dr. Christopher Pelic (8 min)




View film clips*:

Schizophrenia 1
Schizophrenia 2
Psychotic Disorder NOS

Specific symptoms:
An example of "loosening of associations"
Another "loosening of associations" example.
An example of self referential thinking

*courtesy of the Association for Academic Psychiatry and the PANSS institute

Useful clips from Youtube (these links may not work from hospital servers)
Schizophrenia by mindyourmind


a bit artsy, but the narration gives a compelling description of her struggle coping with schizophrenia.  



Schizophrenia: Heather by Neuroslicer


Interview with young woman with schizophrenia, and mother.



Schizophrenia for Beginners by 28October1961


interesting videoblog.



The Real Story of Schizophrenia by bcssprov


People describing their experiences, as well as some psychiatrists commenting on the disease.