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Project HeatSave - en espaƱol

The Basics:

Programmable Thermostats save residents about $400 every year on their heating bill. Project HeatSave, a Brown University CCURB Project, is giving away FREE programmable thermostats. Are you interested?

Our Goals:

We aim to save money, energy, and carbon by installing programmable thermostats in 200 eligible homes. These will save 260 tons of carbon each year, or 5,000 tons over the life of the thermostats. We expect that residents will cut down on their heating bills by 25%.

Required Criteria:

  1. You must have gas heating, and be a customer of National Grid
  2. Sign a waiver with National Grid (utility company) letting Project HeatSave view your energy consumption to monitor the savings of your programmable thermostat and help Project HeatSave assess impact.
  3. Own your home, or get written approval from your landlord to replace existing thermostats.


Email us at ProjectHeatSav[email protected], or call (401) 863-6096.