Joaquin Blaum




Assistant Professor of Economics

Department of Economics, Brown University


jblaum [at] gmail [dot] com






“The Gains from Input Trade With Heterogeneous Importers” (with M. Peters and C. Lelarge) [Download] [Online Appendix] [Vox Column] [Slides]

American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, vol. 10 (2018)


“Firm Size, Quality Bias and Import Demand” (with M. Peters and C. Lelarge)  [Download] [Online Appendix] [Replication Materials] - Accepted at JIE


        - An older version of this paper is available here.


Working Papers


“Global Firms in Large Devaluations”  [Download]


“Wealth Inequality and the Losses from Financial Frictions”  [Download] (submitted)


“Financial Frictions and Non-Balanced Growth”  [Download]


Work in progress



“The Geography of Costs”, joint with A. Bernard, G. Magerman and M. Peters


“Trading and Financial Frictions: An Approach with Micro Data”


“Input Sourcing and Supplier Choice in International Trade”, joint with F. Esposito and S. Heise