Working Papers

Bounded Rationality and Limited Datasets   Revised
Coauthored with Geoffroy de Clippel

Peer-reviewed at NAJ Economic

Online Appendix

We adapt the classic, revealed-preference approach to new forms of revealed information. We apply our methodology to an array of bounded rationality theories, showing its versatility. We identify theories and datasets that are testable in the same elegant way as Rationality, as well as theories and datasets for which testing is more challenging.

Relaxed Optimization: -Rationalizability and the FOC-Departure Index in Consumer Theory  Revised

Coauthored with Geoffroy de Clippel 

We provide an axiomatically-founded measure of the extent to which the FOCs are violated, which is also interpretable in terms of a money-pump multiplier. The framework encompasses measurement errors, information unobserved to the modeler, and bounded rationality (e.g., misunderstanding prices, misperceiving utility tradeoffs, rules of thumb). We develop testable implications and study the properties of a new index of irrationality, which applies whenever the first-order approach is meaningful.

Fairness Through the Lens of Cooperative Game Theory: An Experimental Approach Revised

Coauthored with Geoffroy de Clippel

Online Appendix

This paper experimentally investigates choices about others’ allocations in settings where the surplus is determined through complementarities and subsitutabilities between agents. Axioms and solution concepts from cooperative game theory provide valuable insights into the data.

Bargaining over Contingent Contracts under Asymmetric Information 

Coauthored with Geoffroy de Clippel and Jack Fanning

On Selecting the Right Agent

Coauthored with Geoffroy de Clippel, Kfir Eliaz and Daniel Fershtman

Good Enough    New version coming soon

Coauthored with Salvador Barberà, Geoffroy de Clippel and Alejandro Neme

We introduce and investigate theories where the decision maker simply makes a `good enough’ decision.

Testable Implications of Some Classic Assignment Methods    New

Coauthored with Geoffroy de Clippel 

We apply the ideas from de Clippel and Rozen (2018) for bounded rationality for a single decision maker, to test theories of interactive decision making with rational participants.

A Note on Categorization and Rationalization  

Coauthored with Geoffroy de Clippel 

This note develops testable implications of these theories for limited datasets, using the methodology from Bounded Rationality and Limited Datasets.

A `Dual' Improved Shortcut to the Long Run

This paper provides a duality-based improvement upon Ellison’s radius-coradius for evolutionary games.

Coming Soon

A Survey on Bounded Rationality in Choice Theory

Coauthored with Geoffroy de Clippel 

Communication, Perception and Strategic Obfuscation

Coauthored with Geoffroy de Clippel 

NSF support gratefully acknowledged

Bad Repetition

Coauthored with Geoffroy de Clippel