Rachel M. Friedberg

Distinguished Senior Lecturer in Economics


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Department of Economics, Brown University

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Labor Economics



Courses, Spring 2020

Economics 110, Principles of  Economics



Selected Publications

"The Impact of Mass Migration on the Israeli Labor Market," The Quarterly Journal of Economics, CXVI(4), November 2001, pp.1373-1408.

"You Can't Take it With You? Immigrant Assimilation and the Portability of Human Capital," Journal of Labor Economics, 18(2), April 2000, pp.221-251.

"Immigration and the Receiving Economy," in The Handbook of International Migration: The American Experience, Charles Hirschman, Philip Kasinitz, and Josh DeWind, editors. New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 1999, pp.343-359. (joint with Jennifer Hunt)

"The Impact of Immigrants on Host Country Wages, Employment, and Growth," Journal of Economic Perspectives, 9(2), Spring 1995, pp.23-44. (joint with Jennifer Hunt)

“The Economic Impact of Knowledge Workers from India and China,” in Movement of Global Talent: The Impact of High Skill Labor Flows from India and China, Udai Tambar, editor.  Princeton:  Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, 2007, pp. p35-53.


Selected Working Papers

"Recent Trends in the Earnings of New Immigrants to the United States" National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper 15406, October 2009. (joint with George Borjas)

"The Economic Diversity of Immigration Across the United States" IZA Institute for the Study of Labor Discussion Paper 4555 and Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration Discussion Paper 31/09, 2009. (joint with David Jaeger)

“The Effect of Foreign Guest Workers on the Labor Market Outcomes of Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip" Brown University Working Paper, 2004. (previously Hebrew University Falk Institute Discussion Paper 03.08, 2003). (joint with Robert Sauer)

“Does University Students' Choice of Field of Study Respond to High-Skilled Immigration?" Brown University Working Paper.

“The Labor Market Assimilation of Immigrants in the United States : The Role of Age at Arrival” Ph.D. Dissertation, MIT.    


Government and Media

Testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Immigration.  Hearing on the U.S. Economy, U.S. Workers, and Immigration Reform, May 3, 2007

Video of Congressional Testimony.  Click on the “video webcast” icon in the middle of the page.  Testimony begins at 1 hour 16 minutes into the video, with another clip at 2 hours 13 minutes.

Beachonomics: Calculating Paradise", The Washington Post, April 21, 2007.

“The Immigration Equation,"  The New York Times Magazine, July 9, 2007