EN1740 Computer Aided Visualization and Design
Spring 2012


Instructor: Brian C. P. Burke
[email protected]


TA: Jessica Claflin &

Ryan Marinelli

Barus and Holley, Rm. 191
Tu - Th, 6:30-7:50pm


Lecture Notes



Individual Project

Group Project

Supporting Materials


ABET Course Outcomes

Software for Group Project





3/19/12 - Office hours for this week leading up to individual project submission

Burke - 8-10pm on Tuesday, 3/20; 8-10pm on Thursday, 3/22

Claflin - 7-9pm on Wednesday, 3/21

Marinelli - 10:30-12pm on Thursday, 3/22; 12-1pm on Friday, 3/23


2/29/12 - Individual Project Guidelines are posted


2/27/12 - Office hours for the remainder of the semester

Burke - 8-10pm Tuesday

Claflin - 7-8pm Wednesday

Marinelli - 12-1pm Thursday



2/25/12 - Assignment 3 has been posted. Due on FRIDAY 3/2/12. Please hand in hardcopy to Stephanie Gesualdi on the 7th floor.


2/2/12 - Assignment 2 has been posted.

No class this Tuesday (2/7). We'll meet for two lectures this Thursday (2/9).


1/31/12 - Website is up and running.