Symposium Schedule

Wednesday, June 1: Renaissance Providence Downtown Hotel

05:00-07:00pm:  Reception


Thursday, June 2: Renaissance Providence Downtown Hotel

07:00-08:00 am: Continental Breakfast

08:00-08:30 am: Opening Ceremony

08:30-10:00 am: Session 1 - Dynamics of Solids in Broad Scales
                         (Chair: M. Zhou, A. Bower)

    J. R. Rice:        Earthquake rupture dynamics with strong thermal weakening

    A. J. Rosakis:   The seismological wind tunnel: The unique ground shaking of
                           supershear earthquakes and its effects on buildings

    J. R. Willis:       Effective constitutive relations for waves in composites

10:00-10:30 am: Coffee Break/Posters

10:30-12:00 pm: Session 2 - Biomechanics in Broad Scales
                         (Chair: Y. Lin, J. Tang)

    M. J. Buehler:   Tu(r)ning weakness to strength

    R. Phillips:        The greening of biology

    G. Bao:            Understanding the mechanics of cells and biomolecules 

12:00-01:30 pm: Lunch/Posters

01:30-02:30 pm: Session 3 - Mechanics of Energy Materials
                         (Chair: J. W. Kysar, W. A. Curtin)

    R. M. McMeeking: Models for lithium-ion battery performance and damage

    H. Johnson:      Mechanics of quantum dots for intermediate band solar cells

02:30-03:30 pm: Panel Discussion -
                         Frontiers in mechanics derived from applications in broad scales

    J. L. Bassani

    K. J. Hsia

    B. W. Sheldon            

03:30-04:00 pm: Coffee Break/Posters

04:00-05:30 pm: Session 4 - New Insights in Nonlinear Mechanics of Solids
                         (Chair: Y. W. Zhang, P. Guduru)

    L. Anand:         Thermo-mechanics of shape-memory polymers

    O. Lopez - Pames: Cavitation instabilities in soft solids: A defect-growth theory and
                           applications to elastomers

    K. Van Vliet:     Chemomechanics of cell-material interactions: Pulling it all together
                           (This talk is continued from Session 2.)

05:30-07:00 pm: Posters/Cocktail Reception

07:00-09:00 pm: Banquet, Renaissance Providence Downtown Hotel


Friday, June 3: Renaissance Providence Downtown Hotel

07:00-08:00 am: Continental Breakfast/Posters

08:00-09:00 am: Session 5 - New Insights in Micromechanics of Structural Instabilities
                         (Chair: S. Mandre, E. Chason)

    J. Hutchinson:  From wrinkles to creases in elastomers: The extreme imperfection-
                           sensitivity of wrinkling

    K. Bertoldi:       Soft materials: Functionality through instabilities and deformations

09:00-10:00 am: Session 6 - Micromechanics of Stretchable Functional Materials
                         (Chair: R. Huang, C. Franck)                   

    Z. Suo:             Giant voltage-induced deformation in dielectric elastomers: Theory and

    Y. Huang:         Mechanics of stretchable electronics

10:00-10:30 am: Coffee Break/Posters

10:30-12:00 pm: Session 7 - Advanced Molecular Mechanics of Solids
                         (Chair: J. Freund, V. B. Shenoy) 

    R. James:        Compatibility and hysteresis

    P. Purohit:        Brownian motion and elasticity in biological filaments and networks

    N. C. Admal and E. B. Tadmor: Interatomic potentials, Forces and the uniqueness of

12:00-01:30 pm: Lunch/Posters

01:30-02:30 pm: Session 8 - New Insights in Experimental Dynamics of Solids
                         (Chair: X. Markenscoff, J. Blume)

    K. Ravi-Chandar: Dynamic ductile failure in polycrystalline materials

    G. Ravichandran: Converging shocks in solids using Mach waves

02:30-03:30 pm: Session 9 - Mechanics of Nanostructures
                         (Chair: N. Sottos, S. Kumar)

    S. B. Hutchens, A. Needleman, and J. Greer: Deformation analysis of hierarchical
                           carbon nanotube bundles under uniaxial compression

    J. J. Vlassak:    Combinatorial nanocalorimetry of thin metallic films        

03:30-04:00 pm: Coffee Break/Posters

04:00-05:00 pm: Panel Discussion -
                         Frontiers in mechanics derived from response mechanisms of materials

    D. M. Parks

    T. Nakamura

    Y. Gao                        

05:00-05:30 pm: Closing Lecture by L. B. Freund (Chair: H. Gao)

07:00-09:00 pm: Closing Lobster Dinner, DeWolf Tavern, Bristol, RI

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