4th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics 2009


Hybrid Multi Scale Experiments and High Performance Computing for Cross Scale Engineering of Nano and Microstructures

Kyung-Suk Kim (Keynote Speaker)

Keynote Session 1

Wednesday, November 18 Early AM

Institute for Molecular and Nanoscale Innovation Seminar Series

 Brown University

Revealing behavior of carbon nanostructures with hybrid simulations: Cutting CNTs with sound and popping diamonds with ions

Kyung-Suk Kim

Wednesday, November 4 at 11:00 am

190 Barus and Holley Building

Joint Materials/Solid Mechanics Seminar Series

 Brown University

A Combined Applied Mechanics/Materials Science Approach Toward Quantifying the Role of Hydrogen on Material Degradation

Petros Sofronis from UIUC

Monday, November 2 at 4:00 pm

190 Barus and Holley Building

Rice University Seminar

Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Cosponsor: Dean of Engineering

Rice University

Revealing Nanostructural Mechanisms in Cutting CNTs with Sound and Popping Diamonds with Ions

Kyung-Suk Kim

Wednesday, January 13 at 3:45 pm

128 Mechanical Engineering Building

Materials Science Seminar Series

Harvard University

A New Mode of Graphene Fracture Operated in CNTs Cut by Sonication and Related Nanomechanics Applications

Kyung-Suk Kim

Thursday, February 11 at 1:00 pm

Gordon McKay Lab, Room 402

ECCM 2010 : Symposium 59

Fracture and contact mechanics for interface problems


Nano-contact Strength of FCC gold in compression and shear

Kyung-Suk Kim, Shuman Xia and Qunyang Li



May 16-21, Paris


Symposium in Honor of Professor RM McMeeking

Compressive Graphene Fracture in CNT Sonication


Huck Beng Chew and Kyung-Suk Kim 


July 1, Penn State, PA


Symposium in Honor of Dr. Kash Mittal

Adhesion controlled by multi-scale interface residual stresses

Kyung-Suk Kim 



August 26, Boston, MA

Seminars and Workshops

MRS Fall Meeting 2010 (Symposium P11.10)

Mechanical Property Measurement of Nanocrystalline Thin Films: Part II. Fracture Toughness

Kyung-Suk Kim 


December 3, 2010, Boston, MA

MRS Fall Meeting 2010 (Symposium * P2.1)

Nanometer Scale Mechanical Behavior of Grain Boundaries Characterized by Hybrid Scientific Computation/Experiment (invited talk)

Kyung-Suk Kim 


November 29, 2010, Boston, MA

Symposium on Future Directions of
   Mechanics and Materials Research
   in Honor of Professor John W. Hutchinson

Folding wrinkles of a thin film stiff layer on a soft substrate

Kyung-Suk Kim 


October 31, 2010, KAUST, Thuwal, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia

Penn Engineering Seminar Series
MEAM Spring 2011

Unusual nanostructural instabilities caused by compressive stresses; graphene fracture operated in CNTs cut by sonication and dislocation motions during ion irradiation

Kyung-Suk Kim 


March 1, 2011, UPenn, Philadelphia, PA

Symposium on Mechanics in
   Geophysical and Materials Sciences
   in Honor of Professor James R. Rice

Future Directions on Mechanics of Materials

Kyung-Suk Kim 


January 22, 2011, Caltech, Pasadena, CA

NSF Workshop and Freund Symposium
on Future Directions in Mechanics
   in Honor of Professor L. B. Freund

New Frontiers of Solid Mechanics - From Earthquakes to Single Molecules

June 1-3, 2011,
Renaissance Providence Downtown Hotel, Providence, RI

New England Workshop on the
of Materials and Structures

(NEW. Mech 2011)

Folding and roughening of thin solid surface films

Kyung-Suk Kim 


  October 1, 2011, MIT, Cambridge, MA

International Colloquium on ¡§Current  Problems in Solid Mechanics¡¨
in Honor of Professor H. D. Bui

Conservation Integrals applied to
Inverse Problems in Mechanics of Nanostructures

Kyung-Suk Kim 


July 5, 2011,
Ecole des Mines ParisTech, Paris, France

Seminar Series - Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering
University of Rhode Island

Wrinkling of Nanostructured Thin Films on a Soft Substrate
for Renewable Energy Storage & Water Harvest

Kyung-Suk Kim 


  October 7, 2011, Kingston, RI

ASME Congress 2011
Drucker Medalist (John Rudnicki)

Mechanics of Nanostructures:
Hybrid Analysis of Ion Bombardment; Computation / Experiment / Modeling

Kyung-Suk Kim 


  November 15, 2011, Denver, CO

APS March Meeting 2012

Continuum Description of Atomistics for Nanomechanics of Grain Boundary Embrittlement in FCC Metals

Kyung-Suk Kim 


  March 1, 2012, Boston, MA

ME Seminar
University of Washington

Nanostructural Evolution Near FCC Solid Surfaces and Interfaces

Kyung-Suk Kim 


  March 27, 2012, Seattle, WA

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Seminar Series
Northwestern University

Hybrid Analysis of Nanostructural Evolution Near FCC Metal Surfaces and Interfaces

Kyung-Suk Kim 


  April 5, 2012, Evanston, IL

International Symposium on 
Current Problems in Solid Mechanics

in Honor of Professor R. J. Clifton

Dynamic Behavior of Materials at the Nanometer Scale

Kyung-Suk Kim 


  June 26, 2012, Symi, Greece

49th Annual Technical Meeting of SES
SES Medal Lecture

Mechanics of nanostructures: Hybrid-analysis of experiment and computation

Kyung-Suk Kim 


  October 11, 2012, Atlanta, GA

50th Annual Technical Meeting of SES symposium in honor of Prof. Rod Clifton on the occasion of his 75th Birthday

Ruga Mechanics and Ruga-Phase Diagrams

Kyung-Suk Kim 


  July 29, 2013, Providence, RI

Symposium on New Horizons in Materials Mechanics in celebration of the 70th birthday of Professor Viggo Tvergaard

Surface Instabilities of neo-Hookean solids and Ruga Mechanics

Kyung-Suk Kim 


  June 7, 2013, Lyngby, Denmark

APS March Meeting 2013
Focus Session: Wrinkling

Folds and Crease from Wrinkles

Mazen Diab 


  March 22, 2013, Baltimore, MD

International Symposium on Nature-inspired Technology 2013 (ISNIT 2013)

Bio-Mimicking of Extreme-Property Hybrid Structures: Ruga Mechanics

Kyung-Suk Kim 


  January 8, 2013, Gangwon-do, Korea





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