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When was the last time you touched something you helped engineer or watched a computer model take shape in aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber? As a member of Brown Formula Racing, designing and fabricating are daily experiences, giving new meaning to classroom knowledge and creative thinking. We are constantly pushed to work together on very real problems, creating a cohesive team, building lasting friendships, and developing the know-how to overcome challenges. This team is unlike any other you will find at Brown. We stand united, kissing the apex of what is possible in the pursuit of the fastest project on campus. Come, join us!

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We teach the skills necessary to build a racecar. From the basics of mills and lathes to complex CNC work, computer simulation, welding, and carbon fiber fabrication, our members learn from the ground up and under no assumptions of previous knowledge. With an inclusive approach to the design and build process, new members are able to make meaningful contributions to the car from very early on. If you are looking to learn more than what is available in a textbook, drop by the shop and let’s talk about where you fit in.

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Where You Fit In:

You've made it this far and realized that building a race car is just about the coolest thing you can do at Brown. But you’ve never heard of a lathe or a mill or a hydraulic tracer. Don't worry, we believe in you! The majority of our members have zero previous experience with the tools and techniques we teach. As we like to say, as long as you are willing to learn and don't mind getting dirty, we will find a spot for you.

If you have a desire to design and advance our car, we want you. You will learn how to bring a computer model to life and make sure it stays in one piece in the harshest conditions. We love to teach and welcome students from all majors in our engineering team. While the vast majority of our members are from the mechanical and electrical engineering departments, we represent a diverse student population including computer scientists, biologists, and musicians just to name a few.
If you love working with your hands and seeing projects come to fruition, we want you. Since the vast majority of our parts are machined in house, we always need more members interested in metal and carbon fiber fabrication, especially welders. We teach all the skills required and give you the opportunity to learn how to turn ideas into reality.
The team often feels like a small business, developing our product and brand, running with a fixed budget and under tight time constraints. If you are interested in business and want to experience the challenges of managing a start-up, we want you. As part of the competition involves developing a business plan and presenting that plan to top executives from the automotive industry, we always need more business-minded members to help us succeed in ways apart from engineering.
While the team’s focus is centered on developing our product on the engineering side, we always need help maintaining our public image. If you like networking, fundraising, reaching out on campus, and developing a social media presence, we want you. Our team provides a unique opportunity to manage a brand and work with sponsors in a simulated business environment, invaluable experience for those with an interest in marketing and public relations.

How to Join:

Poke Around

Check out the rest of the website and see what we are all about. When you’re ready, head to our contact page and get in touch!

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Send us an email and let us know who you are and where your interests lie. If you don’t know where your interests lie, just come see us!

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We are always looking for new people, especially early on in the fall semester. Let us show you what you’ve been missing.

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All we ask is that you come with a willingness and desire to learn. Who knows, maybe you’ll be welding our chassis or driving for us someday soon.

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