About Lectura Dantis

The Journal

Editor: Tibor Wlassics (University of Virginia)

Editorial Board 1991-1993: Zygmunt Barański (University of Reading); Amilcare Iannucci (University of Toronto); Lino Pertile (University of Edinburgh); Regina Psaki (University of Oregon); Ricardo Quinones (Claremont McKenna College); William Wilson (University of Virginia)

Editorial Board 1994-1996: Peter Armour (Royal Holloway University of London); Steven Botterill (University of California, Berkeley); Franco Ferrucci (Rutgers University); Deborah Parker (University of Virginia); Michelangelo Picone (Universität Zürich); Marianne Shapiro (Brown University)

Editorial Board 1996-1998: Paul Barolsky (University of Virginia); Cristina Della Coletta (Review Editor, University of Virginia); H. J. Manzari (Managing Editor, University of Virginia); Michael Papio (Brown University); Alessandro Vettori (University of Virginia)

Lectura Dantis is a journal of Dante research and interpretation. It was published twice a year, in the Fall and in the Spring, by the Italian Program, Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese at the University of Virginia from 1987 to 1998. The members of the Editorial Board agreed to advise the Editor, for a biennium, on the contents of four issues. ISSN 0897-5280.

The Web Site

      After Prof. Tibor Wlassics' very untimely passing in 1998, this online version of Lectura Dantis was launched as a service to its many loyal readers. Long before e-journals and academic databases became common, it offered here as open-access the first four issues (out of print since the mid-1990's) and an address to write to if you needed a paper copy from those that remained on the shelf, one of an awkward spectrum of once colorful spines now faded by the sun. (The print shop at UVa provided a wide range of chromatic choices, but only on card stock.)

     Abstracts of each of LD's articles, generously given to us by the Dante Society of America, are still available on the table of contents of every number.

     Two decades later, we who cherished Tibor and his journal are proud to announce that it is at last available on JSTOR. All correspondence related to it should be sent to Michael Papio, Prof. of Italian at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.