The Lectura Dantis web site has been designed to be uncluttered and easy to use. In order to allow visitors to get the most of its contents, we have put together a short description of its design.


Navigation Diagram       Like most web sites, Lectura Dantis is structured in a hierarchical fashion. From the home document, one may descend into another at a lower level by clicking on a link. This is represented in a downward movement on the diagram at right.
      The principal sublevels, Numbers and Endpapers, reside at the secondary tier. Likewise, their contents reside one level lower (the third row down on the diagram at right). To make navigation easy, we have provided arrow buttons in the top right margin of documents that refer to this arrangement.

The «up» arrow takes you one level higher, usually to a table of contents or to a previous page.

The «back» arrow moves you horizontally backward in sequence: e.g. from the table of contents of number four to that of number three or back in order from one article to another.

The «forward» arrow similarly brings up the following page at the same hierarchical level.

      Endnotes are visible at the bottom of the articles which refer to them. Clicking on the endnote reference within the text will take you automatically to the proper reference below. To return to where you were, simply click on the reference number to the left of the endnote.