List of Contributors

Lectura Dantis 1-21 (Fall 1987 - Spring-Fall 1998)

An alphabetized list of contributors; names are followed by titles and locations (issues and pages); «6+», «12+» and «16-17» refer respectively to the special volumes Introductory Readings, I, II and III; combined numbers are noted with a hyphen (e.g. 14-15); reviews and reprints are signaled by «(rev)» and «(repr)»; double last names and joint authors are cross-referenced; the notices on the back covers, the Presentation and Introduction (in nn. 1, 2, 6+, 12 and 22-23) and the rubric «Endpaper» (closing nn. 3-9, 11) are not listed. N.B. To locate a word precisely, use the «find» function on your browser.

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Aeschliman, Michael:
"The Heirs of Canto III of Dante's Inferno" 2:5-14;
Ahern, John:
"Troping the Fig: Inferno XV 66" 6:80-91;
Albertini, Stefano:
(rev) Marianne Shapiro, De vulgari eloquentia: Dante's Book of Exile 11:100-101;
Armour, Peter:
"Inferno XV" [lectura] 6+:189-208; "The Love of Two Florentines: Brunetto Latini and Bondie Dietaiuti" 9:11-33; (rev) Letture classensi, vol. 18, Anthony Oldcorn, ed. 11:90-91; "Purgatorio XXXII" [lectura] 12+:476-490; "Paradiso XXVII" [lectura] 16-17:402-423; (rev) Annotationi nel Dante fatte con M. Trifon Gabriele in Bassano, Lino Pertile, ed. 18-19:129-131; "'A ciascun artista l'ultimo suo': Dante and Michelangelo" 22-23: 141-180;
Balfour, Mark:
(rev) Saturn from Antiquity to the Renaissance, Massimo Ciavolella & Amilcare A. Iannucci, eds. 14-15:141-143; "Paradiso IX" [lectura] 16-17:131-145;
Baraff, Barbara:
"On the «Unity» of Inferno III" 7:115-121;
Baranski, Zygmunt:
"Dante's Biblical Linguistics" 5:105-143; "The 'Marvellous' and the 'Comic': Toward a Reading of Inferno XVI" 7:72-95; "Comedìa. Notes on Dante, the Epistle to Cangrande, and Medieval Comedy" 8:26-55; "Purgatorio VI" [lectura] 12+:80-97; "Paradiso XIX" [lectura] 16-17:277-299;
Barber, Joseph:
(rev) Lectura Dantis Newberryana, Paolo Cherchi & Antonio Mastrobuono, eds. 4:106-108; "A Statistical Analysis of the Fiore" 6:100-122; Inferno IX [lectura] 6+:110-123;
Barnes, John C.:
"Purgatorio XX" [lectura] 12+:288-301; (rev) Teodolinda Barolini, The Undivine Comedy: Detheologizing Dante 13:91-92;
Barolini, Teodolinda:
"True and False See-ers in Inferno XX" 4:42-54; "For the Record: The Epistle to Cangrande and Various «American Dantisti»" 6:140-143; (repr) "Inferno XX" [lectura] 6+:262-274;
Barolsky, Paul:
(rev) Ricardo Quinones, The Changes of Cain: Violence and the Lost Brother in Cain and Abel Literature 11:106-108; "Matilde's Hermeneutics" 22-23: 199-202;
Barricelli, Jean-Pierre:
"Paradiso VIII" [lectura] 16-17:115-130;
Bartolo, Elizabeth:
(rev) Ronnie H. Terpening, Charon and the Crossing 3:105-106;
Becker, Mary Emily:
(rev) Leopoldo Chiappo, Dante y la psicología del Infierno 7:144-146;
Bergin, Thomas Goddard:
"Lectura Dantis: Inferno V" 1:5-24; (repr) "Inferno V" [lectura] 6+:54-69;
Biow, Douglas:
(rev) J. F. Took, Dante Lyric Poet and Philosopher: An Introduction to the Minor Works 13:96-97;
Boitani, Piero:
"Beyond the Sunset: Dante's Ulysses in Another World" 9:34-53;
Bolton Holloway, Julia: v. Holloway, Julia Bolton;
Botterill, Steven:
(rev) John Freccero, Dante: The Poetics of Conversion 3:95-98; (rev) Leopoldo Chiappo, Escenas de la Comedia (Estudios Dantianos), I-II 6:156-157; "Inferno XII" [lectura] 6+:149-162; "«Legato con amore in un volume»: Uberto Limentani and the Cambridge Lecturae Dantis" 7:29-35; "Not of This World: Spiritual and Temporal Powers in Dante and Bernard of Clairvaux" 10:8-21; "Dante in North America 1990-1991" 11:3-25; "Purgatorio XXVII" [lectura] 12+:398-410; "Dante in North America: 1991-1993" 14-15:116-128; "Paradiso XII" [lectura] 16-17:172-185;
Brann, Sara L.:
(rev) Dante's Paradise, translated with notes and commentary by Mark Musa 3:102-103;
Brogan, Jacqueline Vaught:
"It Must Be Re-Newed: Dante's Comedy and Stevens' «Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction»" 7:122-131;
Brownlee, Kevin:
"Language and Desire in Paradiso XXVI" 6:46-59; (repr) "Paradiso XXVI" [lectura] 16-17:388-401;
Cachey, Theodore J. Jr.:
"Purgatorio XV" [lectura] 12+:212-234; (rev) The Inferno of Dante: A New Verse Translation, Robert Pinsky, tr. 18-19:134-138;
Cambon, Glauco:
"Lectura Dantis: Inferno X" 2:15-30; (repr) "Inferno X" [lectura] 6+:124-138;
Capoferri, Federica:
(rev) Zygmunt G. Baranski, «Sole nuovo, luce nuova»: saggi sul rinnovamento culturale in Dante 20-21:106-108;
Castellani, Victor:
"Vergilius Vltor: Revenge and Pagan Morality in the Inferno" 9:3-10;
Cavallo, Jo Ann:
"A Note on Dante in Boiardo" 8:100-107; (rev) Sign, Sentence, Discourse: Language in Medieval Thought and Literature, Julian N. Wasserman & Lois Roney, eds. 10:117-119; "Purgatorio XXIV" [lectura] 12+:348-361; "Paradiso II" [lectura] 16-17:14-29;
Cavanagh, Michael:
"Seamus Heaney's Dante: Making a Party of Oneself" 12:7-15;
Cavatorta, Giuseppe:
(rev) William Franke, Dante's Interpretive Journey 20-21:103-106;
Cecchetti, Giovanni:
"Inferno XXXI" [lectura] 6+:400-411; "The Statius Episode: Observations on Dante's Conception of Poetry" 7:96-114; (repr) "Purgatorio XXI" [lectura] 12+:302-320;
Cervigni, Dino S.:
"Dante's Lucifer: The Denial of the Word" 3:51-62; (repr) "Inferno XXXIV" [lectura] 6+:428-438; "Beatrice's Act of Naming" 8:85-99; "Purgatorio XXV" [lectura] 12+:362-379;
Cestaro, Gary P.:
(rev) Robert R. Edwards, Ratio and Invention: A Study of Medieval Lyric and Narrative 13:100-102; "Paradiso X" [lectura] 16-17:146-155;
Cherchi, Paolo:
"Geryon's Canto" 2:31-44; (repr) "Inferno XVII" [lectura] 6+:222-234; "Purgatorio VII" [lectura] 12+:98-114;
Chiappelli, Fredi:
"Il colore della menzogna nelle scenografie dell'Inferno" 6:3-27;
Chiarenza, Marguerite:
"Paradiso XX" [lectura] 16-17:300-307;
Ciccarelli, Andrea:
"Dante and Italian Futurism" 18-19:30-40;
Cioffi, Caron:
"St. Augustine Revisited: On «Conversion» in the Commedia" 5:68-80;
Coletta, Cristina Della: v. Della Coletta, Cristina;
Colilli, Paul:
(rev) William Kerrigan & Gordon Braden, The Idea of the Renaissance 11:92-93; "Purgatorio XIV" [lectura] 12+:201-211; "Paradiso VII" [lectura] 16-17:107-114;
Cooksey, Thomas L.:
(rev) Paul Barolsky, Michelangelo's Nose: A Myth and its Maker 10:121-122; (rev) Paul Barolsky, Why Mona Lisa Smiles and Other Tales by Vasari 11:102-103;
Cornish, Alison:
"Beatrice and the Astronomical Heavens" 18-19:20-29;
Cortezo, Carlos López: v. López Cortezo, Carlos;
Dasenbrock, Reed Way:
"Why the Commedia Is Not the Model for the Cantos and What Is" 12:16-25;
De Fazio, Marina:
"The Scribe and the Inventor: The Poet in Inferno" 6:60-68; (rev) Dante Today, Amilcare Iannucci, ed. 10:113-115; "Purgatorio XXIX" [lectura] 12+:433-447; "Paradiso V" [lectura] 16-17:68-90;
Del Greco Lobner, Corinna: v. Lobner, Corinna del Greco;
Della Coletta, Cristina:
(rev) Amilcare A. Iannucci, Forma ed evento nella Divina Commedia 3:99-100; (rev) Robert Pogue Harrison, The Body of Beatrice 7:152-154; (rev) Colin Manlove, Christian Fantasy 14-15:133-135; "Paradiso XV" [lectura] 16-17:213-228;
Della Terza, Dante:
"Inferno XIX" [lectura] 6+:247-261;
Demaray, John G.:
(rev) Franco Masciandaro, Dante As Dramatist: The Myth of the Earthly Paradise and Tragic Vision in the Divine Comedy 11:103-106;
De Rooy, Ronald:
"On Anthropophagy in Dante's Inferno" 8:64-84;
Di Pietro, Robert J.:
"Lectura Dantis: Inferno XXXIII" 1:73-84; (repr) "Inferno XXXIII" [lectura] 6+:419-427;
Di Scipio, Giuseppe:
"Inferno XIV" [lectura] 6+:173-188; "Paradiso XXIV" [lectura] 16-17:352-370;
Economou, George:
"Inferno XXIV" [lectura] 6+:307-318; "Saying Spirit in Terms of Matter: The Epic Embrace in Medieval Poetic Imagination" 11:72-79; (rev) Richard Neuse, Chaucer's Dante: Allegory and Epic Theater in the Canterbury Tales 13:97-100;
Edson, Evelyn:
"On Dante and Giotto: The Seriousness of Everyday Life" 5:81-88;
Falvo, Joseph:
"The Irony of Deception in Malebolge: Inferno XXI-XXIII" 2:55-72; (repr) "Inferno XXII" [lectura] 6+:281-296;
Ferrucci, Franco:
"Dante e Chrétien de Troyes: sublimazione classico-cristiana del romanzo cortese" 13:3-21; "Paradiso I" [lectura] 16-17:3-13;
Fido, Franco:
"Charles S. Singleton" 4:63-77;
Fleming, Ray:
"Francesca's Sweet New Subversive Style" 3:11-22;
Flosi, Linda:
"Visual and Semantic Multistability in Dante's Commedia" 12:26-33; (rev) Giuliana Carugati, Dalla menzogna al silenzio: La scrittura mistica della Commedia di Dante 13:109-110;
Forni, Pier Massimo:
"Lectura Dantis: Inferno XI" 4:20-29; (repr) "Inferno XI" [lectura] 6+:139-148;
Franke, William:
"Dante and Modern Hermeneutic Thought" 12:34-52;
Gaston, Robert W.:
"The Renaissance Artist As Dantista: A Reassessment" 22-23:5-44;
Gilewicz, Magdalena:
(rev) Jeffrey T. Schnapp, The Transformation of History at the Center of Dante's Paradise 3:101-102; "Inferno's Twisted Figuration" 5:59-67;
Grossi, Paolo:
(rev) Letture classensi, vol. 15, Ezio Raimondi, ed. 4:102-103;
Gullace, Giovanni:
(rev) Renate Holub, Antonio Gramsci: Beyond Marxism and Postmodernism 13:102-104;
Hall, Ralph G. & Madison U. Sowell:
"Cursus in the Can Grande Epistle: A Forger Shows His Hand?" 5:89-104; "On Dante and Cursus: A Brief Response to «For the Record»" 6:143-144;
Hambuechen Potter, Joy: v. Joy Hambuechen Potter;
Harris, John:
"Three Dante Notes (I: Brunetto the Sodomite; II: Guido's Portrait; III: La gloriosa rota)" 2:73-92;
Hawkins, Peter S.:
"Dante's Lesson of Silence: Paradiso 21" 11:42-51; (repr) "Paradiso XXI" [lectura] 16-17:308-317;
Heilbronn-Gaines, Denise:
"Canto VI of the Inferno" 1:25-36; (repr) "Inferno VI" [lectura] 6+:70-81; "Paradiso XVIII" [lectura] 16-17:266-276;
Hollander, Robert:
"Dante's Virgil: A Light That Failed" 4:3-9; "Purgatorio II: The New Song and the Old" 6:28-45; (repr) "Purgatorio II" [lectura] 12+:17-34; "Response to Henry Ansgar Kelly" 14-15:96-110;
Holloway, Julia Bolton:
"Chancery and Comedy: Brunetto Latini and Dante" 3:73-94;
Honess, Claire:
"Expressing the Inexpressible: The Theme of Communication in the Heaven of Mars" 14-15:42-60; (rev) Charles Williams, The Figure of Beatrice: A Study in Dante 18-19:138-140;
Iannucci, Amilcare:
"Inferno IV" [lectura] 6+:42-53; "Dante Produces Television" 13:32-46; "Paradiso XXXI" [lectura] 16-17:470-485; "The Mountainquake of Purgatorio and Virgil's Story" 20-21:48-58;
Illiano, Antonio:
"Purgatorio I" [lectura] 12+:3-16;
Iversen, Eric:
"A «Double» of the Pilgrim: Filippo Argenti" 10:80-90;
Kelly, Henry A.:
"Dating the Accessus Section of the Pseudo-Dantean Epistle to Cangrande" 2:93-102; "Cangrande and the Ortho-Dantists" 14-15:61-95; "Reply to Robert Hollander" 14-15:111-115;
Kirkham, Victoria:
(rev) John G. Guzzardo, Dante: Numerological Studies 7:146-148; "Purgatorio XXVIII" [lectura] 12+:411-432; "Dante's Phantom, Petrarch's Specter: Bronzino's Portrait of Poet Laura Battiferra" 22-23: 63-139;
Kleinhenz, Christopher:
"Inferno 8: The Passage Across the Styx" 3:23-40; (repr) "Inferno VIII" [lectura] 6+:93-109; (rev) Enzo Esposito, Bibliografia analitica degli scritti su Dante 1950-1970 9:137-139; "Purgatorio IV" [lectura] 12+:53-69; "Paradiso XXX" [lectura] 16-17:456-469; "The Visual Tradition of Inferno 7: The Relationship of Plutus and Fortune" 22-23: 247-278;
Kumar, Veena:
(rev) Exile in Literature, María-Inés Lagos-Pope, ed. 8:138-139;
Land, Norman E.:
"Dante, Vasari and Michelangelo's Pietà in Rome" 22-23: 181-198;
Lansing, Richard:
"Purgatorio III" [lectura] 9:54-71; (rev) Michel Jeanneret, A Feast of Words: Banquets and Table Talk in the Renaissance 11:108-109; (repr) "Purgatorio III" [lectura] 12+:35-52;
Lobner, Corinna del Greco:
"Equivocation As Stylistic Device: Joyce's «Grace» and Dante" 4:86-98;
Looney, Dennis:
"Inferno VII" [lectura] 6+:82-92; "The Purgation and Emendation of a Simile: Purgatorio VI and VII" 7:133-141; "Purgatorio XVII" [lectura] 12+:248-258;
López Cortezo, Carlos:
"Las Tres «Orribili Infermitadi» del Canto X del Inferno" 18-19:41-48;
Luciano, Bernadette:
"Dante in Milan: A Note on Porta's Inferno" 11:80-89;
Lunardi, Egidio:
"Inferno VII" [lectura] 6+:275-280;
Lund-Mead, Carolynn:
"Notes on Androgyny and the Commedia" 10:70-79;
Manzari, H. J.:
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Marconi, Paola:
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Masciandaro, Franco:
"Purgatorio XXIII" [lectura] 12+:336-347; "Paradiso XXIII" [lectura] 16-17:329-351;
Mastrobuono, Antonio:
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Menocal, Maria Rosa:
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Minnis,, A. J.:
(rev) Susan Noakes, Timely Reading 7:142:144;
Moevs, Christian:
"Is Dante Telling the Truth?" 18-19:3-11;
Moleta, Vincenzo:
"Virgil in Cocytus" 20-21:33-47;
Mozzillo, Elizabeth:
(rev) Dante, The Banquet, Christopher Ryan, tr.; Dante's Il Convivio, Richard Lansing, tr. 11:94-96; (rev) Giuseppe Mazzotta, Dante's Vision and the Circle of Knowledge 14-15:135-137;
Musa, Mark:
"Inferno V: Text and Commentary" 8:108-133;
Nissen, Christopher:
"Rejection, Death and the Eternal Law: The «Wounded Tree» in Inferno and «Villa Chigi»" 12:53-64;
Noakes, Susan:
"Inferno XVI" [lectura] 6+:209-221;
Palubinskas, Milda:
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Papio, Michael:
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Papotti, Davide:
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Patti, Samuel:
"Lectura Dantis: Inferno XXXI" 2:45-54;
Payton, Rodney:
"Paradiso XXIX" [lectura] 16-17:435-455;
Pertile, Lino:
"Inferno XXVII" [lectura] 6+:351-362; "«La punta del disio»: storia di una metafora dantesca" 7:3-28; "Canto-Cantica-Comedía e l'Epistola a Cangrande" 9:105-123; (rev) Sarah Spence, Rhetorics of Reason and Desire: Vergil, Augustine, and the Troubadours 10:109-111; "Purgatorio XXVI" [lectura] 12+:380-397; "Dante's Comedy Beyond the Stilnovo" 13:47-77; (rev) Edoardo Sanguineti, Dante reazionario 14-15:139-141; "Paradiso IV" [lectura] 16-17:46-67; (rev) Piero Boitani, L'ombra di Ulisse: figure di un mito 18-19:142-144;
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Shoaf, R. A.:
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Spillenger, Paul:
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Stefanelli, Ruggiero: v. Sebastio, Leonardo & Ruggiero Stefanelli;
Stefanini, Ruggero:
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Stephany, William:
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