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PDF's for the readings can be found here: [link]

Week One (9/3-9/5): Things: An Introduction

Week Two (9/8-9/12): The Wheel

Week Three (9/15-9/19): a Neolithic megalith

Week Four (9/22-9/26): an Ancient Greek perfume jar

Everyone must select a thing for the project by Friday, September 26

Week Five (9/29-10/3): Acrocorinth (a castle in the Greek Peloponnesus)

Week Six (10/6-10/10): a Moroccan watermill (with a few comparisons from Crete)

Project Proposal due Friday, October 10

Week Seven (10/15-10/17): a map

Week Eight (10/20-10/24): the pocket watch

Week Nine (10/27-10/31): the light bulb

Week Ten (11/3-11/7): barbed wire

Week Eleven (11/10-11/14): The portable radio

Week Twelve (11/16-11/21): the blade (including a detour through several thousand years of human evolution)

Week Thirteen (11/24 and 12/1)): a camera (Thanksgiving recess 11/26 and 11/27)

Week Fourteen: the personal computer (12/3-12/5)

Week Fifteen (12/8-12/12): Project presentations

Final projects due: Friday December 12