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Athanasius (c. 293-373) became Bishop of Alexandria in 328, succeeding Alexander. In 325 he served as secretary to Alexander at the First Council of Nicaea. He opposed Arius and his Arian doctrine (that the Son of the Trinity did not always exist and was distinct from and inferior to the Father) and is therefore a Monophysite. During a period of much theological debate in Egypt, he was deposed and restored to his bishopric at least five times. He published many treatises and came to be regarded as a saint. 

-Kathryn H

Posted at Nov 30/2010 02:49PM:
ian: In many ways a symbol of Egyptian independence from the centralizing effects of Constantinople. Keep in mind the sense that he is often referred to in the literature as something akin to a "national" hero - despite the anachronistic nature of such a description.