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The Council of Chalcedon was an important Christian congregation assembled by Anatolius in 451, at the request of Pope Leo I. The purpose of the meeting was to determine the true nature of Christ, and it was ultimately decided that Christ was one being with two natures. The Council resulted in a major schism in the church, causing the Chalcedonians to view Copts as "monophysites," and therefore heretics. In Egypt, there was major conflict between Melkites and Copts; Copts suffered at the hands of the Melkites, who had the backing of the Byzantine Empire. The Council of Chalcedon is also considered to be the last ecumenical council. -Marissa

Posted at Dec 06/2010 03:02PM:
ian: A good example of the tension between a top down vision of how doctrine was made orthodox as apposed to the realities of beliefs on the ground in a far flung and diverse Christendom.