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Wazir (Turkish: Vizir)

In the Abbasid period (750-1258 CE) the term Wazir took on its characteristic definition as the sovereign’s chief minister or deputy. In this capacity the Wazir acted for the caliph in civil and military matters when the burden of work became too great, however, it is important to note that as time progressed the role took on a more independent and remote aspect. For the Abbasid caliphate the role was hereditary and conferred upon the Barmakid family. This differed somewhat from the situation in Mamluk Egypt where the role was more ambiguous sometimes, acting as a reward for close royal confidants, and at other times being the capping role in the government system.

-Timothy Sandiford

Posted at Dec 06/2010 08:59PM:
ian: It's real heyday in Egypt was under the Fatimids.