Past & Recent Papers
Live Video and Sound Processing for Dance
Video, Technology and Performance Festival,Brown University April 4-5, 2003.
| Related Projects: Falling Up
Fusing Movement, Sound, and Video in Falling Up, an Interactive Dance/Theatre Production
Proceedings of the 2002 Conference on New Instruments for Musical Expression (NIME-02), Dublin, Ireland, May 24-26, 2002
| Related Projects: Falling Up
Audience Participation and Response in Movement-Sensing Installations 2000
Proceedings of the 2000 International Computer Music Conference Presented at the 2000 International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) Paris, France 
| Related Projects: Light Around the Edges | Maybe...1910
Motion-Sensing Music: Artistic and Technical Challenges 1998
Proceedings of the 1998 International Computer Music Conference
| Related Projects: Dark Around the Edges | Songs for the Body Electric|
Creating Interactive Dance with the Very Nervous System 1997
Proceedings of the 1997 C onnecticut College Symposium on Arts and Technology | Related Projects: Dark Around the Edges|
Making Motion Musical: Gesture Mapping Strategies for Interactive Computer Music 1995Proceedings of the 1995 International Computer Music Conference
Strategies for Interaction: Computer Music, Performance, and Multimedia 1995
Proceedings of the 1995 Connecticut College Symposium on Arts and Technology
FollowPlay: A MAX Program for Interactive Composition 1992
Proceedings of the 1992 International Computer Music Conference
San Jose, California
Interactive Signal Processing for Acoustic Instruments 1991
Proceedings of the 1991 International Computer Music Conference, Montreal