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Composing Interactive Music

Live Video and Sound Processing for Dance (2003) (PDF)
Related project: Falling Up

Fusing Movement, Sound, and Video in Falling Up, an Interactive Dance/Theatre Production (2002) (PDF)
Related project: Falling Up

Audience Participation and Response in Movement-Sensing Installations (2000) (PDF)
Related projects: Light Around the Edges | Maybe... 1910

Motion-Sensing Music: Artistic and Technical Challenges (1998) (PDF)
Related projects: Dark Around the Edges | Songs for the Body Electric

Creating Interactive Dance with the Very Nervous System (1997) (PDF)
Related project: Dark Around the Edges

Making Motion Musical: Gesture Mapping Strategies for Interactive Computer Music (1995) (PDF)

Strategies for Interaction: Computer Music, Performance, and Multimedia (1995) (PDF)

FollowPlay: A MAX Program for Interactive Composition (1992) (PDF)

Interactive Signal Processing for Acoustic Instruments (1991) (PDF)