Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Continuing Medical Educaton

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Residency Program

Resident Research

ABOG Fellowships

Womenís Reproductive Health Research Career Development Program

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Faculty & Residents
Commitment to Teaching


Ambulatory Care

Renee Eger, MD, Medical Director, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Rebecca Allen, MD, MPH, Associate Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Medical Science

Rebecca Crichton, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

James O’Brien, MD, Associate Professor, Clinician Educator

Gynecologic Oncology and Breast Health

Paul DiSilvestro, MD, Division Director, Professor

Hannah Bansil, MD

Steven Cohen, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Surgery

David Edmonson, MD, Associate Director, Breast Health Fellowship, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator, Surgery and Obstetrics & Gynecology

Jennifer Gass, MD, Co-Director, Breast Health Center, Chief of Surgery, Director, Breast Health Fellowship Program, Associate Professor, Surgery and Obstetrics & Gynecology

C. O. (Skip) Granai III, MD, Professor

Kyu Kwang Kim, PhD, Assistant Professor (Research)

Robert D. Legare, MD, Co-Director, Breast Health Center, Director, Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program, Associate Professor, Clinician Educator, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Medicine

Cara Mathews, MD, Assistant Professor

Sonali Pandya, MD, Clinical Instructor, Surgery and Obstetrics & Gynecology

Katina Robison, MD, Director, Research Program, Associate Professor

Dario Roque, MD, Assistant Professor

Bachir Sakr, MD, Director, Medical Oncology, Medical Director, Infusion Unit, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Jennifer Scalia Wilbur, MS, Teaching Associate

William Sikov, MD, Associate Director of Research, Associate Professor, Clinician Educator, Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology

Ashley Stuckey, MD, Director, Fellowship Program, Associate Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Medical Science

Rebecca Vanasse, MD

Naohiro Yano, MD, PhD, Research Associate

Emergency Obstetrics and Gynecology

Roxanne Vrees, MD, Medical Director, Director, Medical Student Core Clerkship, Assistant Professor

E. Christine Brousseau, MD, Assistant Professor

Dayna Burrell, MD, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Chelsy Caren, MD, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Erin Cleary, MD, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Dennis Goulet, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Mohamad Hamdi, MD, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Bridget Kelly, MD, Associate Director, Residency Program, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Michael Sisitsky, MD, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Amy Snyder, MD, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Kate Zaluski, MD, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator, MD,

Maternal–Fetal Medicine

Katharine Wenstrom, MD, Division Director, Professor

Tanya L. Booker, MD, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Stephen Carr, MD, Director, Prenatal Diagnosis Center, Professor

Donald R. Coustan, MD, Professor

Sarah Davis, MD, Assistant Professor

Matthew Esposito, MD, Associate Director, Medical Student Clerkship, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Dwight Rouse, MD, MSPH, Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Epidemiology

Melissa Russo, MD, Assistant Professor

Erika Werner, MD, MS, Director, Fellowship Program, Associate Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Epidemiology

Medical Education

Matthew Esposito, MD, Associate Director, Clerkship Program

Gary Frishman, MD, Director, Residency Program

Brittany Star Hampton, MD, Vice Chair, Education

Roxanne Vrees, MD, Director, Clerkship Program

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

Ruben Alvero, MD, Division Director; REI Fellowship Program Director; Professor

Lynae Brayboy, MD, Assistant Professor (Research), Obstetrics & Gynecology and Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry

John Buster, MD, Professor

Eden Cardozo, MD, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Gary Frishman, MD, Director, Residency Program, Professor

Victoria Snegovskikh, MD, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Shunping Wang, PhD, HCLD, Associate Professor, Clinician Educator

Carol Wheeler, MD, Associate Professor (Clinical)

Division of Research

Kristen Matteson, MD, MPH,  Division Director, Director, Resident Research, Assistant Professor

E. Christine Brousseau, MD, Assistant Professor

Susan Cu-Uvin, MD, Professor

Valery Danilack, PhD, Assistant Professor (Research)

Christina Raker, ScD, Research Associate

Dwight Rouse, MD, Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Epidemiology

Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery

Deborah Myers, MD, Division Director, Professor

Cassandra Carberry, MD, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Brittany Star Hampton, MD,  Associate Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Medical Science

Nicole Korbly, MD, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Charles R. Rardin, MD, Director, Fellowship Program, Director, Minimally-Invasive and Robotic Surgical Services, Professor

Vivian Sung, MD, MPH, Chair, Women & Infants Hospital
Institutional Review Board, Associate Professor

Kyle Wohlrab, MD, Co-Director, Simulation Center, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Nurse Practitioners

Ann Cooper, RNP, Senior Teaching Associate

Erin Dobson, RNP, Senior Teaching Associate

Ann Holdredge, CNM, NP (1990 – 4/2017), Senior Teaching Associate

Patricia O’Connell, RNP, Senior Teaching Associate

Darcy Renaghan, MSN, WHNI-BC, Senior Teaching Associate

Anne Stulik, RNP, Senior Teaching Associate

Nurse Midwifery

Elisabeth Howard, PhD, CNM, FACNM, Program Director, Associate Professor, Clinician Educator

Linda Hunter, EdD, CNM, FACNM, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Elizabeth Kettyle, CNM, MSN, MPH

Edie McConaughey, MSN, CNM, Senior Teaching Associate

Janet Singer, MSN, CNM, Senior Teaching Associate

Linda Steinhardt, MS, FNP-C, CNM, Senior Teaching Associate

Current Residents

PG-1 (2017-2021)

Ida Bernstein, MD

Jennifer Ding, MD

Jessica DiSilvestro, MD

Amita Kulkarni, MD

Jennifer Narvaez, MD

Alana Pinsky, MD

Justine Reilly, MD

Eva Reina, MD

PG2 (2016-2020)

Ralph “Nick” Burns, MD

Fei Cai, MD

Andrey Dolinko, MD

Leanne Free, MD

Deanna Glassman, MD

Merima Ruhotina, MD

Julia Shinnick, MD

Chi-Fong Wang, MD

PG-3 (2015-2019)

Kelly Benabou, MD

Kathleen Cohen, MD

Michael Cohen, MD

Jenny David, MD

Luwam Ghidei, MD

Sebastian Ramos, MD

Mae “Bridget” Spelke, MD

Hope Yu, MD

PG-4 (2014-2018)

Libertad Flores, MD

Mary “Alex” Friedman, MD

Meghana Limaye, MD

Caitlin MacGregor, MD

Reeva Makhijani, MD

Katherine Miller, MD

Desmond Sutton, MD

Meena Theva, MD

Current Fellows

Program in Women’s Oncology (Gynecologic Oncology and Breast Health)

Abby Geletzke, MD (Breast Health) (2017-2018)

Evelyn Cantillo, MD (2014-2018)

Matthew Oliver, MD (2015-2019)

Lindsey Beffa, MD (2016-2020)

Jenna Emerson, MD (2017-2021)

Maternal–Fetal Medicine

Maureen Hamel, MD (2015-2018)

Michael Beninati, MD (2016-2019)

Christopher Nau, MD (2017-2020)

Martha Kole, MD (2017-2020)

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

Warren “Jay” Huber, MD (2016-2019)

May-Tal Sauerbrun-Cutler (2017-2020)

Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery

Kristin Jacobs, MD (2015-2018)

Anne Cooper, MD (2016-2019)

G. Sarah Napoe, MD (2016-2019)

Lauren Stewart, MD (2017-2020)

Community-Based Faculty

M. David Beitle, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Rosa Bermudez-Emmanuelli, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Kathleen Cote Bowling, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Lisa Boyle, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Debra Brendel, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Constance Brennan, MD

Cheryl Brodsky, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Fred A. Brosco, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Karen Browning, MD, Clinical Instructor

Elizabeth Burchard, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Terrence F. Cahill, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

David A. Carcieri, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Marshall Carpenter, MD

Colleen Cavanaugh, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Dilek Cermik, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Kue Choi, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Mauro Colavita, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Jeannine Connolly, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Michael Coppa, MD, Clinical Instructor

Beth Cronin, MD, Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator

Laina Crowthers, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Suzanne Dambek, MD, Clinical Instructor

Anh-Tai Dang, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Mary Catherine DeRosa, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Paula DeYoung, MD, Clinical Instructor

John DiOrio, Jr., MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Beata DiZoglio, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Joseph DiZoglio, MD

Lisa Domagalski, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Lindsay Clark Donat, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Stephen Falkenberry, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Harris M. Galkin, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Gamble, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Michele Gange, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Alfredo Gil, MD

Debra Goldman, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Robin Gray, DO, Clinical Assistant Professor

Cynthia M. Hanna, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Tawfik F. Hawwa, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Jennifer Hosmer, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Marc A. Jaffe, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Annmarie Jurczak, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Amr Kader, MD, Clinical Instructor

Kerri Keselowsky, MD

Erika Klein, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Tolga Kokturk, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Altug Koymen, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Alicja Kreczko, MD, Clinical Instructor

Erin Kunkel, MD

Donna LaFontaine, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Christine LaRose, MD

Nicole Larrea, MD, Clinical Instructor

Sung-Hee Lee, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Stacey P. Lievense, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Althea Lindsay, DO, Clinical Instructor

Audoen D. Maddock, MD

Nayana Manjunath, MD, Clinical Instructor

Carol Manning, MD

Beth Marcaccio, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Mayhall, MD, Clinical Instructor

Karen McGoldrick, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Megan McMahon, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Carroll Medeiros, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Anne Murray, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Laura S. Nevel, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

J. Douglas Nisbet II, MD, Chief, Kent Hospital Obstetrics  & Gynecology, Clinical Assistant Professor

Courtney Noonan, MD

Nwamaka M. Onwugbenu, MD

Frank Pensa, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Michael Pepi, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Adrienne J. Perry, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Martha Pizzarello, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Marylin Powers, DO, Clinical Assistant Professor

Donald Ramos, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Rebecca W. Randall, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Rajendrasinh Rathod, MD

Tina Rizack, MD, MPH, Clinical Assistant Professor Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology

Pablo Rodriguez, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Caitlin Saint-Aubin, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Jessica Salak, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Robert Salk, DO, Clinical Assistant Professor

Mark F. Scott, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Bahram Shah-Hosseini, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Jane Sharp, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Meera Simões, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Caroline M. Skudlarek, DO, Clinical Assistant Professor

J’Leise Sosa, MD

Timothy Spurrell, MD, Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Sullivan, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Marguerite Vigliani, MD, Clinical Professor

Gary G. Wharton, MD, Medical Director, Surgical Services, Clinical Associate Professor

Emily White, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Doreen Wiggins, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Robert Williams, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Bethany Wortman, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Emeritus Appointments in Obstetrics & Gynecology

Wayne Clairborne, MD, Clinical Associate Professor (Emeritus)

Nabil Khoury, MD, Clinical Associate Professor (Emeritus)

Henry G. Magendantz, MD, Clinical Associate Professor (Emeritus)

Samir Moubayed, MD, Clinical Associate Professor (Emeritus)

John Murphy, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor (Emeritus)

Reza Shah-Hosseini, MD, Clinical Associate Professor (Emeritus)

Santina L. Siena, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor (Emerita)

Benjamin Vogel, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor (Emeritus)


Department of Medical Education

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