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The BCS Theory of   50Years

In 1957 three American physicists - John Bardeen, Leon Cooper, and Robert Schrieffer - advanced their theory superconductivity. Known universally as the BCS Theory, This work, in addition to explaining the phenomena of superconductivity, has had profound implications for nearly every field of physics. In 1972 the three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their achievement.

April 12 and 13, The Department of Physics, at Brown University, through the support of the Charles K. Colver Lectureship Publication Fund and the Office of the President, Brown University, will hold a Scientific Symposium dedicated to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the BCS Theory of Superconductivity. There will also be two general public lectures in the afternoon of the 12th.

Images from Thursday's Panel discussion

A Scientific Symposium

April 12-13, 2007
Brown University
Providence, Rhode Island

Support from

the Charles K Colver Lectureship Publication Fund
the Office of the President, Brown University

April 12th
A.M. Agenda P.M. Agenda

April 13th