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Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

PGY -3


Chris Jehle, MD


Hometown: Overland Park, KS


BS: University of Miami


MD: University of Kansas



Why I chose Brown

I chose Brown because it was a program with both a broad and deep exposure to the fields of plastics I am most interested in, as well as being a tightly-knit group of residents who teach and support one another. I found that many plastic surgery programs were great for “one-man wolf packs,” but I knew that I was able to learn more and become better in a program which fostered collegiality. I found a group of residents who were both hard working and happy- a group with whom I wanted to become a colleague and friend.


Interests in plastic surgery

The best part about plastic surgery is that the field is very broad. While I have not found exactly what I will devote the majority of my career doing, I know that I like hand surgery as well as cosmetic, reconstructive breast, and body surgery.


Interests outside of medicine

I have many interests outside of medicine. Like many of the residents in the program I like cooking and eating delicious food. Additionally, I enjoy the beach, the ocean and scuba diving. I also enjoying carpentry and working on cars and motorcycles.


Favorite things to do in Providence

Currently my favorite things to do in Providence are visiting the numerous restaurants and bars in the evenings. On weekends or days off, my wife and I love going to one of the many nearby beaches. There are many summer and winter outdoor activities that are very close to Providence. It is difficult to choose a favorite. This coming summer I am hoping to learn to sail and spend more time on the water.

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