The e-Journal of Portuguese History (e-JPH) was founded in 2002 by the present editors who also hold the copyright of the journal. The journal is published in English twice a year, only in electronic format. The first issue of e-JPH appeared in Summer 2003.

The e-JPH is a peer reviewed international journal. Its main objective is to provide publication of scholarly work on historical subjects, especially those concerning themes and topics of Portuguese history analysed in comparative perspective. Historically oriented contributions from the different social sciences are also welcome. It is furthermore the aim of the journal to offer new insights on developments in Portuguese historiography, as well as to provide news and information on research activities concerning Portuguese history.

The ethos of e-JPH is a pluralist one. It does not subscribe to any particular ideological, theoretical or methodological approach. The editors of e-JPH aim at publishing quality, blind refereed articles covering any period within any sub-field of historical research.

Contributions to e-JPH will be considered for the following sections:

All papers submitted are first screened by the editors and subject to a blind refereeing process.

Surveys and Debates
This section includes commissioned contributions on selected topics providing new insights and controversy on recent historiographical developments.

Institutions and Research
It is the purpose of this section to provide critical assessment and appraisal of scholarly work and research undertaken in both Portuguese and non-Portuguese institutions.

Invited Article
The article published in this section is the translation of a selected article published in Portuguese by a different Portuguese journal. The choice of the article is the responsibility of the editor(s) of the guest journal.

Book Reviews
The editors of the journal encourage and welcome the contribution of reviews of books published in any language on Portuguese history. International and Portuguese publishers are kindly invited to send books for review to the mailing address of the journal.


Luís Adão da Fonseca