Suzanne de la
Monte Our laboratory researches mechanisms of neurodegeneration and abnormal growth. We are primarily interested in the contributions of exposure (preventable) factors and aberrant gene expression in the pathogenesis of neuronal cell death and inappropriate growth of neurites in the pathogenesis of neurodegeneration. Our lab has three general areas of investigation: 1) We investigate the mechanisms by which ethanol, oxidative stress, and free radical injury cause apoptosis of neuronal cells. We are also trying to develop strategies of neuronal rescue using information obtained about the mechanisms of cell death. 2) We study the mechanisms by which abnormal expression of neuronal thread protein (NTP) or nitric oxide synthase 3 leads to neurodegeneration characterized by apoptosis and abnormal proliferation of neuronal cell processes (neuritic sprouting) as occur in brains with Alzheimer's disease (AD). An exciting recent discovery was that ethanol exposure, oxidative stress, and increased free radical production exacerbate the effects of NTP or NOS-3 over-expression in neuronal cells. 3) We investigate molecular mechanisms of primary malignant brain tumor invasion. Our research is focused on determining how over-expression of the aspartyl asparaginyl beta hydroxylase (AAH) gene promotes invasive growth of primary brain tumors. Our research program utilizes a broad array of modern methodological approaches.

de la Monte, S.M., Ghanbari, K., Frey, W.H., Beheshti, I., Averback, P., Hauser, S.L., Ghanbari, H.A., and J.R. Wands. Characterization of the AD7c-NTP cDNA expression in Alzheimer's disease and measurement of a 41-kD protein in cerebrospinal fluid. J. Clin. Invest. 100:3093-3104, 1997.

de la Monte, S.M., Ganju, N., Banerjee, K., Brown, N.V., Luong, T., and J.R. Wands. Partial rescue of ethanol-induced neuronal apoptosis by growth factor activation of phosphoinositol-3-kinase. Alcohol. Clin. Exp. Res., 24:716-726, 2000.


Associate Professor
M.D., Cornell University
Medical College, 1977
M.P.H., Johns Hopkins, 1984
Rhode Island Hospital
Pierre Galletti Building, 4th floor
[email protected]

Liver Research Center

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