Robert F.Valentini, M.D., PhD.

Assistant Professor of Medical Science and Orthopedics

Dr. Valentini has been at Brown University since 1979, when he began his undergraduate studies in biology. He completed his MD/PhD in 1993. He is the author of over twenty refereed journal articles and has coauthored 4 patents. He has membership in the Society for Biomaterials, the Society for Neuroscience, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Bioelectrical Repair and Growth Society, and the American Medical Association. He served on several NSF SBIR Review Panel on Biomedical Engineering and has served as an ad hoc reviewer for several journals including Experimental Neurology, Trends in Polymer Science, the Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, and the Journal of Controlled Release. He has given over twenty invited talks and has presented his work at numerous national meetings. As an assistant professor he has led and reorganized a graduate course on biomaterials and was responsible for organizing a year-long seminar series on tissue engineering/biomaterials as well as lecturing in several undergraduate and graduate courses. Valentini was recently named Director of the Brown University Tissue Engineering Consortium. As Program chair for the SFB Tissue Engineered Products Special Interest Group, he has organized a workshop on Techniques in Cellular Engineering and a symposium on Tissue Engineered products for the 997 Society for Biomaterials national meeting. He also helped organize a tissue engineering session for the spring 1996 Academic Orthopedic Society meeting. His research interests include; skeletal tissue engineering, osteointegration and orthopedic implants, and nerve regeneration through synthetic guidance channels.

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