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Achives of I Found It at the JCB

January 2016
Scott Cave, "Found Music"

December 2015

Leslie Tobias Olsen, " Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Phoenicians, a JCB Director, and the Importance of Provenance"

September 2015

Katherine Parker, "Subscription Lists in Early Modern Print Culture"

August 2015
Roberto Chauca, "The Codex Sp 61 and the Franciscan Knowledge Production of Western Amazonia"

September 2014

Justin Pope, "Discovering the Meaning of the African Dance in the Antigua Slave Conspiracy of 1736"

August 2014
Lynne Raymond, " The Fat Man of Maldon."

July 2014
David R. Ransome, "They Found It at the JCB."

August 2013
Bejamin Reed, "Controlling the Stone Cross of Tepeapulco."

June 2013

Leslie Tobias Olsen, "Have You Seen This? A Treasured Part of the JCB is Returned."

January 2013
Leslie Tobias Olsen, "Very Little New Under the Sun: Christopher Colles's Good Idea Ahead of Its Time."

September 2012
Janice Neri and Danielle Skeehan, "The Mystery of the Silkworn: Conversations in the Reading Room and Beyond"

April 2012
Jordana Dym, "Twelve for the Price of One: The Constitution of Cádiz & Guatemala"

March 2012
Christian Hausser, "Francisco Gomes da Silva's Memorias Offerecidas à Naçao Brasileira"

January 2012
Gabriel Paquette, "Independence and its Discontents: Alternatives to the Brazilian Empire in the 1820s."

September 2011
Daniel Wasserman, "Indigenous Language Proficiency among Spanish Clergy in Mexico."

August 2011
Leslie Tobias Olsen, "The Rising of the Wilczek-Brown Codex."

July 2011
Chet Van Duzer, "The Wilczek-Brown Codex of Ptolemy's Geography (mid-fifteenth century)."

April 2011
Allison Rich, "The New Great Atlas: Istanbul, 1803-1804."

March 2011
Caroline Cox, "Tuning of the Fifes: The Life of a Boy Soldier in the Eighteenth Century."

February 2011
Leslie Tobias Olsen, "The all too human life of a saintly man: Sebastian de Aparacio."

January 2011
Christopher L. Pastore, "Where is Narragansett Bay? The 1741 Boundary Dispute Between Rhode Island and Massachusetts."

Holiday 2010
Jesse Cromwell, "An Obscenely Delicious Seventeenth-Century Hot Chocolate Recipe." Recipe Included!

December 2010
Cynthia Radding, "Nature, Medicine, and Faith on the Northern Frontier of New Spain: The Florilegium Medicinal by Juan de Esteyneffer."

November 2010
Leslie Tobias Olsen, "Racy Songs Found by Kim Nusco in the JCB Business Papers."

September 2010
Carlos Gálvez-Peña, "May I remind Your Majesty… :
On the Rights of Creole Subjects."

August 2010
Lisa DeLeonardis, "‘Every Superstition Shall be Removed’ ? 
Picturing the Holy Trinity in the Devota Novena, 1784."

July 2010
Hilit Surowitz, "Slavery and the Talmudic Response."

June 2010
Maria Ana T. Valdez, "Unknown Book Discovered at the JCB."

May 2010
Susan E. Schopp, "An unexpected sighting of a tall ship at the JCB ."

April 2010
Karl Offen, "Mapping Land Politics on the Mosquito Shore."

March 2010
Leslie Tobias Olsen, "
The JCB Joins the Twentieth Century."

February 2010
Ana Guadalupe Díaz Álvarez, "
The Pages of My Chant Book:
Marginal Annotations in a Sahagún´s Psalmodia Christiana

January 2010
Kathryn Sampeck, "Lost Pipil Text: FOUND at the JCB."

December 2009
Juan José Ponce Vázquez, "Dividing the Bounty and Passing the Blame: Trials of a Spanish Official in Seventeenth-Century Hispaniola."

November 2009
Mark Molesky, "Abandoning Lisbon (or What Was Left of It): Father José Francisco de Isla’s Plan for a New Portuguese Capital."

October 2009
M. Andrea Campetella, "Cross-Cultural Diplomacy in Seventeenth-Century Chile."

September 2009
Ari Zighelboim, "A Rotten Dogfish in the Royal College of San Carlos."

August 2009
Matteo Binasco, "De la mission irlandaise: The Irish Catholic mission at Point-de-Sable."

July 2009
Vin Carretta, "A Union in the Black Atlantic: Phillis Wheatley and Philip Quaque."

June 2009
Steve Mentz, "Secrets of the Sea."

May 2009
Viviana Grieco, "Women's Words as a Source of Political Disorder: Memorandum on the Need to Restrain Women's Excessive and Injurious Freedom of Speech."

April 2009
Rebecca Earle, "Is it sinful to eat an owl after communion?"

March 2009
Matthew Underwood, "Cosmography as Political Economy."

February 2009
Jim Muldoon, "Understanding the Inquisitors."

December 2008
Peter Villella, "Piety and Patriotism in late colonial Mexico."

November 2009
Hari Nair," Forging chats and chatting about forgeries."

October 2008
Kelly Wisecup," A healthy conversion: John Eliot, Robert Boyle, and the Algonquians."

September 2008
Fabricio Prado, "Montevideo: A City Between Empires."

August 2008
Chris Parsons, "Ginseng in Canada?"

July 2008
Stelio Cro, "Joan Apple and the Naming of America."

June 2008
Leslie Tobias Olsen, "A Tale of Two Indians."


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