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Sagard, Gabriel.

Dictionaire de la langue huronne, necessaire à ceux qui n'ont l'intelligence d'icelle, & ont à traiter auec les sauuages du pays.

Paris: Denys Moreau, 1632

Physical Description: 12, [146] p. ; 18 cm. (8vo)

Call number: E632/ S129g/ [R]

Accession number: 0374A

Notes: Introduction (p. 3-12) includes information on pronunciation, intonation, and vocabulary, with comparative remarks (p. 4-5) on the languages of the Hurons, the Epicerinys, and the “Canadiens ou Montagnais”. Related words, phrases and sentences grouped in thematic and functional categories (kinship terms, body parts, measurements, plants, time and weather, animals, numerals, national/ethnic groups); groups arranged in French alphabetical order, with Huron / Wyandot equivalents. Issued as part of author's Le grand voyage du pays des Hurons, Paris, 1632.

Montagnais is assigned the collective code [cre] (Cree) Montagnais (Athapascan) USE Chipewyan

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Languages: Wyandot

Genre: Dictionary

Region: North America