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Sagard, Gabriel.

Histoire du Canada et voyages que les freres mineurs recollects y ont faicts por la conuersion des infidelles.

Paris: Claude Sonnius, 1636

Physical Description: 28, 1005, [47] p., [8] pages of plates : music ; 18 cm. (8vo)

Call number: E636/ S129h/ [R]

Accession number: 0382

Notes: This copy includes "Des dances, chansons, & autres ceremonies ridicules de nos Hurons" (book II, chapter 16), with sample text of Huron song and comparisons with Souriquois and Brazilian songs, with verbal indications of notes in European “do-re” system. Inserted between p. 312- are four pages of music and Huron / Wyandot text. Bk. II, chapter 21, “De leur langue [Huron] et celle des Canadiens”: p. 359, 362-363: notes comparing Huron, Montagnais, and Ebicerinys expressions. Books 2 and 3 are an enlargement of author's Le grand voyage du pays du Hurons, Paris, 1632.

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Languages: Wyandot

Genre: Vocabulary

Region: North America