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Pelleprat, Pierre, 1606-1667.

Introdvction a la langue des Galibis, savvages de la terre ferme de l'Amerique meridionale.

Paris: Sebastien and Gabriel Cramoisy, 1655

Physical Description: 30, [2] p. ; 16 cm. (8vo)

Call number: EA655/ P386r

Accession number: 01585

Notes: General observations on the Galibi language, including parts of speech, verb paradigms, gender, number, and pronunciation (p. 3-15), are followed by a vocabulary of approximately 300 thematically arranged entries covering celestial objects, earthly elements, metals, kinship terms, body parts, fauna, household items, boats, weapons, fruits, illnesses, colors, clothing, greetings, food items, human qualities, spiritual concepts, and idiomatic expressions (p. 15-30).

Issued as part of author's Relation des missions des PP. de la Compagnie de Iesus, Paris, 1655, of which JCB has 2 copies; copy 2 lacks this Indian language pamphlet, which was also sold separately.

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Languages: Carib

Genre: Grammar / Vocabulary

Region: Guianas