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Rochefort, Charles de, 1605-1683.

Histoire naturelle des iles Antilles de l'Amerique.

Lyon: Christofle Fourmy, 1667

Physical Description: 2 v. : ill. , coats of arms ; 15 cm. (12mo)

Call number: E667/ R674h

Accession number: 01618

Notes: Included in vol. 2 is Raymond Breton's "Vocabulaire caraïbe" (p. 652-680), listing several hundred French terms with Carib equivalents, grouped in ten thematic categories: Les parties du corps humain; Parenté & alliance; Conditions & qualitez; Actions & Passions; Ménage & trafic; Ornemens & armes; Animaus de terre, d’eau, et d’air; Arbres & plantes; Choses élémentaires & inanimées; Choses spirituelles ou de religion. Vol. II, chapter 10 consists of “Remarques sur la langue des Caraïbes” (p. 374-391), addressing mainly vocabulary (descriptive glosses in French with few Carib terms), with some notes on pronunciation, intonation, grammar, and registers of speech. Vol. II, chapter 8, article IV, “De l’origine des Apalachites & de leur langage” (p. 253-258), differs in content and placement from remarks on Apalachee found in 1658 French edition.

There are three issues of this edition. Vol. 1 is from the 1st issue; vol. 2 is from the 2nd. Cf. Echeverria & Wilkie. First published, Rotterdam,1658. Authorship from Echeverria & Wilkie; has also been attributed to Louis de Poincy and to César de Rochefort.

To access digital facsimile copy of volume 1 of the book, click here. For volume 2 of the book, click here.

Languages: Carib

Genre: Grammar / Vocabulary

Region: Caribbean Islands