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Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.

Lutheri Cathechismus, öfwersatt på American-Virginiske Spraket.

Stockholm: Burchardus Press, by Johann Jakob Genath, the younger, 1696

Physical Description: [16], 160 p., [1] page of plates ; 18 cm. (8vo)

Call number: JA696/ L973l/ [R]

Accession number: 0555

Notes: Includes “Catechesis, hátte paemyy suhwijvan chínticha mamaraeckhíckan” in Delaware and Swedish, with some headings in Latin (p. [1]-114), followed by Biblical extracts (I Timothy 3.2-3 and 5.17-18, Hebrews 13.7, Corinthians 9.14, Galatians 6.7, Romans 13.1-2, I Peter 3.7, 3.6, Ephesians 6.4, 6.1-2, 6.7, 6.5-6, I Timothy 5.5-6, Matthew 7.12 [p. 114-127]) and the Lord’s Prayer in “Lingua virginiana (Ex Bibl. Virgin. Cantabrig. Nov. Angl. 1663)”, “Lingua carabaica (Ex catechismo carabaico P. Raymundi Breton, Auxerre 1664)”, and Swedish (p. 130-132). Also includes, with special t.p., "Vocabularium barbaro-Virgineorum", listing approximately 300 topically arranged terms in Delaware with Swedish equivalents, and numbers 1-100 (p. [133]-154); and "Vocabula Mahakuassica", listing 50 terms in Mohawk and Swedish and concluding with numerals 1-102 (p. 155-160). Swedish text set in black letter type; Indian language text in roman.

Catechism translated into Delaware language by Johannes Campanius, edited by Thomas Campanius Holm. Cf. Collijn, Isak: The Swedish-Indian catechism, Uppsala, 1937 (accompanying facsimile ed. of the present work); Holmer, N.G. : John Campanius’ Lutheran catechism in the Delaware language, Uppsala, 1946. German original first published as author's Der kleine Cathechismus, Wittenberg, 1529.

Digital facsimile copy of book available.

Languages: Algonquian languages / Carib / Delaware / Mohawk language? / Susquehannock language?

Genre: Bible selections / Catechisms and Creeds / Vocabulary

Region: North America