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Relationes curiosae oder Denckwürdigkeiten der Welt, : darinnen Allerhand auf dem Schau-Platz der alten und neuen Zeit ... Tomus III.

Hamburg & Leipzig: Reumann, 1709

Physical Description: 1 p.l., 454 p. : ill., 4 plates, 1 map ; 20 cm. (4to)

Call number: JC/ R382c/

Accession number: 71-272

Notes: Includes several articles relating to the language of indigenous peoples of America: issue IV includes "Curieuse Winter-Fuhren in Canada sammt kurtzen Bericht von der Alkongischen Sprache", a discussion of the Algonquin language on p. 30-31; issue XLIV includes "Lista der Wilden Nationen in Canada, mit ihren üblichen Sprachen", a contemporary classification of Indian nations and languages in the regions of Acadia, the St. Lawrence River to Montreal, Lake Huron, Lake Illinois, and Lake Frontenac on p. 349-350, and "Lista der Thiere in den Südlichen Landern von Canada" on p. 350; issue LIII includes a brief discussion in German of the Huron [Wyandot] and Algonquin languages and makes passing reference to "verschiedene andere wilde Nationen" including the Iroquois, Andastoguerons, Torontogueronons, and Errieronons as well as those in Acadia and Mississippi regions on p. 421-424, "Anhang eines Wörter-Buchs von der Wilden Sprache", a glossary of Algonquin words translated into German, which closely parallels Indian language material in Lahontan, Nouveaux voyages, The Hague, 1703 on p. 423-424, and "Üblichste Wörter der Wilden Sprachen" with a short glossary of words presumably in the Algonquin language on p. 424; issue LIV has "Verfolg der üblichsten Wörter von der Wilden Sprachen" is a glossary of containing over 300 Algonquin entries with German equivalents [Algonquin-German list reproduces word order of Lahontan 1703, alphabetized by French terms] on p. 425-430, "Der Algonkins Art zu zehlen" which is a sample paradigm for present, imperfect, perfect, future, and imperative verb forms and brief notes on noun declensions on p. 430-431, and "Etliche huronsche Wörter", a glossary of 50 terms in Huron [Wyandot] with German equivalents on p. 431-432. Authorship has been attributed to Barthold Feind

This work appeared in weekly fascicles and here has undated numbers I-LV, collected here with a collective title page and continuous paging and register Volume designation "Tomus III" is given on title page, but is is unclear as to whether volumes 1 and 2 were ever published. Alden lists only volume 3 incorrectly under Eberhard Werner Happel Includes several articles of American content: issue I includes "Des Herrn Baron de la Hontan's Nord-Indien. Erster Brief", p. 7-8; issue II includes "Herrn Barons de la Hontan Beschreibung von Nord-Indien, Zweyter Brief", p. 15-160; and issue XVI includes "Abreise des Herrn Baron de la Hontan von Niagara in Canada", p. 123-126; other serializations of Lahontan's Neueste Reisen nach Nord-Indien, translated by M. Vischer, and printed Hamburg, 1709, which is an abridgment of his Nouveaux voyages, first printed, The Hague, 1703, are included. Also contains numerous articles about New France and Newfoundland throughout the issues.

Digital facsimile copy of book available.

Languages: Algonquin / Wyandot

Genre: Grammar / Vocabulary

Region: North America