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Sociedad Mexicana de Geografía Y Estadistica.

Coleccion polidiómica mexicana que contiene la oracion dominical en sesenta y ocho idiomas y dialectos. Nueva edicion corregida y aumentada.

Mexico: Imprenta de E. Dublan y Compañia, 1888

Physical Description: 31, [1] p. ; 23 cm.

Call number: B888/ S678c

Accession number: 06352

Notes: Begins with the Oracion Dominical in Otomi (as translated by P. Rangel or P. Castillo in the 17th century and subsequently corrected by Padres Ramirez and Yepes) with word-for-word Spanish text, printed in 2 parallel columns (p. 3-4), followed by: line-by-line glosses parsing the Otomi version (4-6); a brief survey of religious texts in Otomi translation throughout the 17th-19th centuries (p. 6-9); and 2 other versions of the Pater Noster, each accompanied by word-for-word Spanish text in 2 columns with commentary (p. 9-11). Following are versions of the Lord’s Prayer in approximately 70 Mexican languages and dialects, with footnotes giving geographical data. Included are: Cahita; Californio; Cora, Chora ó Chota; Cochimí (3 variants); Cuicateco (2 variants); Chañabal; Chiapaneco; Chihuahueño; Chinanteco; Chol; Eudeve, Heve ó Dohema; Guaicura; Huaxteco (3 variants); Joba; Lipano; Matlatzinca; Maya; Mayo; Mazahua; Mazateco (2 variants; Mexicano; Mixe; Mixteco (3 variants); Ópata; Ópata ó Teguma; Otomí (6 variants); Pame (3 variants); Papagol; Pima ó Névome; Pimo; Piros; Quiché; Serrano; Tarasco (2 variants); Taraumaro (5 variants); Tepehuano ; Tepuzculano; Totonaco (3 variants); Tubano; Tubar; Tzapoteco; Tzendal; Tzotzil; Yaqui (2 variants); and Zoque. The Sociedad Mexicana published a similar work in 1860 with the Lord’s Prayer in approximately 50 Mexican languages and dialects, to which this 1888 title adds approximately 20.

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Languages: Apache languages [for Lipano] / Cahita / Chiapanec / Chinantecan languages [per MARC] / Chol / Cochimi / Cora / Cuicatec / Eudeve / Huastec / Jova / Lipan-Apache / Matlatzinca / Maya / Mayo / Mazahua / Mazateco / Mixe / Mixtec / Nahuatl / Opata / Otomi / Pame / Pima / Purepecha [for Tarasco] / Tarahumara / Tepehuan / Tohono O’Odham [for Papagol] / Tojolabal [for Chañabal] / Totonac / Tzeltal [for Tzendal] / Tzotzil / Yaqui / Zapotec / Zoque

Genre: Catechisms and Creeds / Vocabulary

Region: Spanish America