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Vandiera, Domenico, 1693-ca. 1763.

Erbauliche und angenehme Geschichten derer Chiqvitos, unde anderer von denen Patribus der Gesellschafft Jesu in Paraquaria neu-kekehrten Völcker. Alles aus dem Spanisch- un Französischen in das Teutsche übersetet, von einem aus erwehnter Gesellschaft.

Vienna: Paul Straub, 1729

Physical Description: [16], 704, 707-723, 722-783, 744, [14] p. : ill. ; 18 cm. (8vo)

Call number: HA729/ V245e

Accession number: 02098

Notes: Chapter 6 contains a brief section on the Chiquito language (p. 62-66), including general remarks and two specimens with interlinear German versions: “Gelobt syn das allerheiligste Sacrament” and “Die Art, das heilige Creuss-Zeichen zu machen”. Set in Gothic type. Translated by Christian Edschlager. First section translation of: Relación historial de las missiones de los Indios, que llaman Chiquitos, Madrid, 1726. Father Muriel, in his Latin translation of Charlevoix’s Histoire du Paraquay (livre XIII, p. 199, note 5), states that the real author of the “Relación” is P. Domenico Bandiera, of Siena, who wrote it in Italian and entrusted Father Pedro Lozano with the translation into Spanish; Juan Patricio Fernández, given as author on the title page of the 1726 Spanish edition, was merely a contributor. Cf. Backer-Sommervogel 1:871; 3:654; 3:441.

Digital facsimile copy of book available.

Languages: Chiquito

Genre: Specimen

Region: Spanish America