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Barton, Benjamin Smith, 1766-1815.

New views of the origin of the tribes and nations of America... The second edition.

Philadelphia: Printed for the author by John Bioren, 1798

Physical Description: [2], xxviii, cix, [3], 133, [1], 32 p. ; 21 cm. (8vo)

Call number: D798/ B293n

Accession number: 31321

Notes: Contains a 70-item comparative vocabulary (p. 1-101, 5th group) listing equivalents in several dozen different Indian languages for each object or concept (primarily substantives), with a second list of “Additions to some of the preceding articles in the vocabularies” (p. 101-133). Occasional examples from Asian and European languages are included for comparison. The “Preliminary discourse” (p. i-cix, 3rd group) is, except for a few paragraphs, identical to that in the 1797 edition. An appendix (p. 1-32, 7th group) provides additional examples and corrections. Indian languages included are: Acadian, Akanza, Algonkin, Arwaccae (Guiana), Brasilian, Canadian, Caraïbe, Cayuga, Chikkasah, Chilese, Chippewa, Choctaw, Chokchoomah, Cochnewagoe, Colluacan, Darien, Delaware, Eriga, Esquimaux, Galibi, Hochelagenses, Huron, Illinois, Iroquois, Issati, Jaioi (Guiana), Kamtchadals, Katahba, Kikkapoo, Kittawini, Kuril Island, Lenni-Lennape, Mahicanni, Messisauger, Mexican, Miami, Minsi, Mobilien, Mohawk, Montagnars de Canada, Muskohge, Narragansett, Natchez, Natick, Naudowessie, New England, Oneida, Onondago, Pampticough, Penobscot, Pennsylvania, Pesserais, Peruvian, Piankashaw, Poconchi, Pottawatameh, St. John, Sankikani, Seneca, Shawnee, Shebaioi (Guiana), Tuscarora, Virginia, Woccon, Wyandot. Compiled from numerous printed sources including Adair, Carver, Crantz, Massé and Bréboeuf in Champlain, Clavigero, de Laet, Edwards, Elliot, Forster, Gage, Lahontan, Lawson, Léry, Long, Marggraf, Molina, Rochefort, Smith, Vega, Wafer, Williams, Wood, Zeisberger; manuscript vocabularies by Samuel Colsworthy, Colonel Mentges, the Reverend Mr. Little, and “an American officer in the office of the Secretary of War”; with further contributions from Judge Dean (of Westmoreland, New York), Du Pratz and Bossu, General Gibson (of Fort-Pitt), Christopher Greenup, John Heckewelder (of Bethlehem), Kalm, Jaspar Parrish, William Penn, Purchas, George Turner, and others (Preface, p. viii - xxviii, 2nd count).

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Languages: Algonquian languages / Cariban languages / Eskimo-Aleut languages / Iroquoian languages / Mayan languages / Muskogean languages / Siouan languages

Genre: Vocabulary

Region: Arctic / Brazil / Caribbean Islands / Guianas / North America / Spanish America