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Cartier, Jacques, 1491-1557.

Discours du voyage fait par le Capitaine Iaques Cartier aux Terres-neufues de Canadas, Norembergue, Hochelage, Labrador, & pays adiacens, dite nouuelle France, auec particulieres moeurs, langage, & ceremonies des habitans d'icelle.

Rouen: Raphaël du Petit Val, 1598

Physical Description: 64 p. : coat of arms ; 17 cm. (8vo)

Call number: E585/ L971b/ [R]

Accession number: 29766

Notes: Contains a vocabulary of Iroquoian languages “des pays et royaumes de Hochelage & Canadas, autrement appelee par nous la nouvelle France”, listing approximately 100 French entries with Huron / Laurentian / Wyandot equivalents, printed in parallel columns, including numbers 1-10, human body parts, everyday objects, environmental phenomena, and practical phrases (p. 9-14). Translation from author's account of his first voyage as published in vol. 3 of Ramusio's Navigationi et viaggi, first published, Venice, Giunti, 1552; the Italian translation in Ramusio itself was apparently translated from an unpublished French manuscript.

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Languages: Wyandot

Genre: Vocabulary

Region: North America