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Laet, Joannes de, 1581-1649.

L'histoire du nouveau monde ou Description des Indes Occidentales, : contenant dix-huict liures, par le Sieur Iean de Laet, d'Anuers; enrichi de nouuelles tables geographiques & figures des animaux, plantes & fruicts

Leyde [Leiden]: Chez Bonauenture & Abraham Elseuiers, 1640

Physical Description: [28], 632, [12] p., [28] leaves of plates (14 double) : ill., maps, music ; 37 cm. (fol.)

Call number: F640 L158h /2-SIZE

Accession number: 01635

Notes: Includes various specimens of indigenous language vocabularies: Book 2, chapters XII and XVI include a small list of vocabulary on p. 52 and 57, 2nd count, in the Huron language as spoken in Hochelaga, which was the indigenous name for Montréal; also includes music with Wyandot text on p. 58, 2nd count; Book 3, chapter XI gives a list of numbers and parts of the body in the "sankikan" language [cannot identify the language]; Book 5, chapter X gives a vocabulary of words and glyphs in Nahuatl on p. 153-154; Book V, chapter XIII gives a comparative Nahuatl vocabulary from the works of Gomara, Acosta, at Annales peintes on p. 162; Book 11, chapter XVIII gives "Du langue des Peruuiains & leur pöesie" on p. 405-406, which contains 2 specimens of Quechua copied from Garcilaso de la Vega, who himself cites and copies from Blas Valera; a 4 line love song with French translation, printed in 2 columns; and a 17 line sample of devotional verse with 2 Latin translations, a word-for-word calque copied from Vega and a second version, printed in 3 columns; the longer Quechua text includes minor spelling variants and omits lines 11 and 12 of Garcilaso's version; Book 16, chapter I gives vocabulary in the Tupi language from Brazil copied from Jean de Léry on p. 536; and Book 17, chapter XII gives vocabulary in the Arawak language from Guiana on p. 582-583. Translation of: Novus orbis seu Descriptionis Indiae Occidentalis, libri XVIII, printed in Leiden, 1633, which is an enlarged version of the author's Nieuwe wereldt ofte beschrijvinghe van West-Indien, first printed Leiden, 1625. Includes indexes.

Languages: Wyandot / Nahuatl / Quechua / Tupi / Arawak

Genre: Vocabulary

Region: Spanish America