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Ramusio, Giovanni Battista, 1485-1557.

Delle nauigationi et viaggi raccolte da m. Gio. Battista Ramusio, volume terzo.

Venice: The Giuntas, 1606

Physical Description: [6], 358, 369-430 leaves ; ill., coat of arms, maps, plans; 31 cm. (fol.)

Call number: H563/ R184n / 1-size/ v.3

Accession number: 08294-3

Notes: Contains two vocabulary lists of Iroquoian language(s) from “Nuoua Francia”: “Linguaggio della terra nuouamenta scoperta chiamata la nuoua Francia” (leaf [376] recto) and “Linguaggio de’ paesi & reami di Hochelaga & Canada da noi chiamati la nuoua Francia” (leaf 385 verso). The two lists, of approximately 60 and 100 entries, respectively, have some overlap but differing phonetic transcriptions. Italian terms and Huron / Laurentian / Wyandot equivalents, printed in four columns, include numbers 1-10, human body parts, everyday objects, natural phenomena, and practical phrases. A French-Wyandot vocabulary containing the same vocabulary and similar phonetic transcriptions found in Ramusio’s second list appears in Cartier, Discours du voyage, Rouen, 1585. The Italian version is itself apparently translated from an unpublished French manuscript. First published Venice, 1556.

Digital facsimile copy of book available.Volume three may be seen here.

Languages: Laurentian / Wyandot

Genre: Vocabulary

Region: North America