34. Sepan quantos esta carta vieren como yo. Mexico, 15--.

The Spanish had imposed a tax on paper almost 150 years before the British. This notarial document from Mexico was issued prior to the introduction of the Spanish stamp tax in 1638.

35. El Rey. Muy reuerendo in Christo padre arcobispo de la Iglesia Metropolitana de la ciudad de los Reyes en las Prouincias del Peru. Lima, 1680.

Following its implementation in 1638, all official documents were required to be issued on stamped paper. This royal proclamation was printed in Lima on sealed paper, and issued almost one century prior to the British Stamp Act.

36. Santiago Wilde. Papel sellado. El contador encargado de los sellos, al “Curioso.” Buenos Aires, 1825?

Spanish American countries continued to employ stamped paper even following independence. The accountant for sealed paper in Argentina authored this pamphlet in response to “el Curioso’s” critique of the practice and his call for reform of the institution.

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