This Brown University web project provides biographies of women written by many individuals, most of who knew their subjects well. Facts, even biographical and historical facts, therefore, are viewed through the lens of the biographers. The editors whish to thank all the contributors with whom we have worked closely in seeking to preserve and record this archaeological heritage. In addition, we would like to acknowledge the work of colleagues past and present for their efforts in soliciting these biographies. We are grateful to Getzel M. Cohen for providing us with the papers and files that were commissioned over the past ten years. Through the Brown University Center for Old World Archaeology and Art, the Joukowsky Family Foundation underwrote the creation of this project and Brown University’s Department of Egyptology provided space for our files and the time of their technical staff, Emily O’Dell and Jonathan Keiser for scanning manuscripts.

Assistant Editors
We are grateful to our Assistant Editors, Susan H. Allen, Julia Asher-Greve, William Dever, Michelle Hobart, Mary B. Hollinshead, Barbara S. Lesko and Peg Lourie for their assistance both in the preparation for the book publication and for their solicitation and editing of biographies for this Web Page.

We approached Dr. Elaine Bearer, M.D., Ph.D., a distinguished Brown University composer, musician, and biomedical researcher, about the proposal, asking whether we might include one of her original compositions as the musical background for the project. Dr. Bearer most generously acceded to our request and has allowed us to use her original composition of the Magdalene Passion, Seven Last Words as accompaniment. We acknowledge her contribution with gratitude.

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The goal of this web site is to record these women’s lives, careers, and contributions, not just in regard to particular archaeological research, but also in relation to the field of archaeology as a whole. It reflects the impact of women on the field as well as their strength of character and resolve. This project also pays well-deserved homage, not only to these pioneers in archaeology, but also to the international scholarly community which has contributed to these biographies. Our hope is that this project will alter our understanding of the role women played in the discipline. These are women of considerable talents, who built on the legacy of their education but also responded to their mentors and to the many challenges of the profession. To be sure, it is they who have left us a lasting legacy and their triumphs are for all of us to share.

Providence, Rhode Island, 2 May 2004

Martha Sharp Joukowsky
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Breaking Ground: Pioneering Women Archaeologists
Published by the University of Michigan Press, 2004