Barbara Ruszczyc at the National Museum, Warsaw. Courtesy J. Lipinska.

Barbara Ruszczyc

Near Eastern Art historian, museum curator, and Egyptian archaeologist, Barbara Ruszczyc was born in the eastern Polish city of Vilnius, the youngest child of a culturally and socially elite couple who died while she was still a child. Her childhood was also disrupted by World War II which caused her to be a refugee, fleeing with her siblings west to Torun and then far south into the Tatra mountains. After the war she joined her oldest sister, who had become a curator in the National Museum in Warsaw, and during secondary school worked as a museum guide. She decided on a career in archaeology and ancient art and did her M.A.thesis at Warsaw University where she later earned her Ph.D. in 1972 under Professor Kazimierz Michalowski, who took her along as a member of his various archaeological expeditions in Egypt and the Sudan. She became the field director at the Delta site of ancient Athribis, Tell Atrib (sporadically from 1961-1984). Dr. Ruszczyc published a number of objects in the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw and was curator for special exhibitions in ancient art there, retiring as Senior Curator for Ancient Art in 1990. She also taught Egyptian and Mesopotamian art at Warsaw University and lectured at the Academy of Roman Catholic Theology for twenty years (1973-1993). For almost fifty years, she also served as librarian for the Library of Writers of the Jesuit Association in Warsaw and helped establish a library in Czortkow in the Ukraine. After retirement, she worked voluntarily at Warsaw's National Museum restoring successfully many ancient pottery and glass vessels. In 1987 she was awarded the golden Knight's Cross for the Revival of Poland.

Author of biography: Jadwiga Lipinska
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Keywords: Ferdynand Ruszczyc, Vilnius, World War II, Lithuania, Janina Ruszczyc, Torun, Zakopane, National Museum in Warsaw, Warsaw University, Stanislaw Lorentz, Edfu, False door of Isis, Kazimierz Miochalowski, Tell Atrib, Alexandria, Faras, Sudan, Kom sidi Youssuf, Athribis, Pahor Labib, Polish Underground Army, Edmund Ruszczyc, Oscar Ruszczyc, Andrzej Ruszczyc, Jesuit Association in Warsaw, Knight's Cross of the Revival of Poland, Czortkow, Ukraine, Andrzej bobola, Pontifical Institute of Church Studies.

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