Caroline M. Galt. Courtesy of S.A. Immerwahr.

Caroline Galt

Born in Aurora Illinois in 1875, Caroline Morris Galt received her B.A. at Bryn Mawr College in 1897. Taking graduate courses, she went on to the American School of Classical Studies in Rome (later the American Academy) and American School of Classical Studies at Athens and in 1925-1926 was the Annual Professor in Athens. She is best known for being the consummate teacher as Professor of Archaeology at Mount Holyoke College (1903–1937), teaching Greek Sculpture and Architecture, Aegean Archaeology, Roman Archaeology, the Topography of Rome, Greek and Roman Numismatics, Vase Painting, et alia. Although teaching was Galt’s focus, she published articles and was a member of many archaeological organizations. She died from cancer in 1937.

Author of biography: Sara A. Immerwahr
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