Elinor Mullett Husselman

A Copticst and Papyrologist, Elinor Mullett was born in Michigan in 1900 and graduated from the University of Michigan with an A.B. in 1921 and an A.M. in 1925 while working in the University of Michigan Library. She married John Henry Husselman and they had two children. At this time she specialized in papyrology and Graeco-Roman Egypt concentrating on the Greek papyri from Egypt amassed by Francis Willey Kelsey for what was to become the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. She was awarded a Ph.D. by the University of Michigan in 1932, working on both Greek and Coptic texts. While working on Coptic, Greek and Latin texts, she became Curator of Manuscripts and Papyri at the University of Michigan Library and Curator of the Museum of Archaeology, holding these positions for 40 years until her retirement in 1965. Publishing and editing hers and others manuscripts, her particular interest was devoted to the University of Michiganís archaeological research at the site of Karanis in Egypt and administrative procedures as documented in the papyri. After her retirement she moved to Arizona and she continued to publish the Kaaranis and on the Michigan Coptic texts. Elinor Mullett Husselman died in Tucson Arizona in 1996.

Author of biography: Terry G. Wilfong
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