Elisabeth E.C.L. During Caspers

During Caspers was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1934. She graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a double M.A. (summa cum laude) in Sumerian and the History of Art of South Asia, and studied for her Ph.D. at the Institute of Archaeology, University of London, writing her thesis on the maritime trade between Mesopotamia, the Persian Gulf and the Indus Valley. She received a grant to travel and visit the British Museum to study Bahrain materials and to study Parthian pottery at the Institute of Archaeology, and the Torino and the Louvre Museums. In 1974 she appointed to a research position at the Kern Institute in Leiden, and edited the Annual Bibliography of Indian Archaeology. At Leiden, from 1986 to 1995, she was appointed Lecturer in the Archaeology of South and Southwest Asia where she taught the archaeology of the Persian Gulf, Indus Valley and Central Asia. Although she participated in a number of excavations, at Bampur in Iranian Baluchistan in 1966, at Tepe Yahya, Iran, in 1970, and in Oman, in 1994; she was not primarily a field archaeologist, but excelled in the interpretation of excavated materials. Her research concentrated on the Gulf region, the Indus Valley, Bactria, Indo-Iran, the Harappan Indus Valley civilization, and Bahrain (Dilmun). She passed away at the age of 62.

Author of biography: D. T. Potts
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Keywords: Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Anatolian, Annual Bibliography of Indian Archaeology, Bahrain, Bampur, Beatrice de Cardi, B. de Cardi, British Council grant, British Museum, Bronze Age, Cambridge, Captain Higham, C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky, Central Asia, cuneiform sources, ceramics, Danish Gulf expedition, Department of Archaeology Leiden University, Dilmun, D.T. Potts, European Association for South Asian Archaeology, glyptic, G. Weisgerber, Haft-type, Harappan script, Harvard expedition at Tepe Yahya Iran, History of Art of South Asia, India, Indo-Iranian, Indus Valley, Inez, Institute of Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology University of Torino, Iranian Baluchistan, ‘Jamdat Nasr’, Jabal Hafit, Karen Frifelt, Kern Institute Leiden, Kuwait, Lecturer in the Archaeology of South and Southwest Asia Leiden University, London, Louvre, Manuscripts Room of the University of Amsterdam Library, Mesopotamian, metals, Moesgård Museum, M. Tosi, Netherlands Organization for the Advancement of Pure Research, Oman, Oxford, Pakistan, Parthian pottery, Persian Gulf, P.V. Glob, University of London, Saudi Arabia, S. Cleuziou, T.G. Bibby, The Netherlands, Seminar for Arabian Studies, Seton Lloyd, statuary, Sumerian, Tepe Yahya, Trucial States (now the United Arab Emirates), U.A.E., Umm an-Nar, University of Amsterdam, University of Birmingham Oman.

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Breaking Ground: Pioneering Women Archaeologists
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