Elise Jenny Baumgartel

Elise Jenny Baumgartel was born in Berlin on October 5, 1872. She studied Egyptology at the University of Berlin under Erman and Sethe, and continued her studies in Egyptology and archaeology at the University of Kingsberg receiving her Ph.D. in 1927. In 1914 she married Hubert Baumgartel and they had three daughters. After her Ph.D. she studied lithics with Breuil and in 1930 directed excavations at Wady Sheykh in Egypt and also excavated at Hermopolis. She then excavated at Monte Gargiano in Italy and in the Balkans near Sarajevo. In 1934, she moved to England where she taught Egyptology at University College London and worked at the Petrie Museum on the Petrie Collection, focusing on the Egyptian Predynastic period. In 1939 she went to Oxford and wrote The Cultures of Prehistoric Egypt. In 1955 she relocated to America, but returned to Oxford in 1964 to catalog the Ashmolean flint collection, and in 1970 she published Petrie's Nagada Excavations: A Supplement. In 1975 she died in Oxford.

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