Left, Margaret Murray, Hilda Petrie to the right

Hilda Petrie

Wife of Flinders Petrie, (1871-1956), father of scientific archaeology. Having studied geology, at 25 was hired by Petrie (father of scientific archaeology) as an artist, married him, and left for Egypt late in 1896. The first site she worked at was Dendera where she did epigraphic work and many other sites followed. In 1905 she was at Saqqara with an all-woman expedition in Old Kingdom tombs. An industrious fund raiser and keeper of accounts, Hilda worked on most of Petrie's digs in many capacities both in Egypt and later in Palestine and also bore two children. The Petries moved to Jerusalem upon his retirement from University College London and after her husband's death in 1942, Hilda lived at the American School there editing his papers. In 1952, back in England, she published the tombs worked on in 1905 and also funded upon the Centennial of Petrie's birth, a student travel scholarship to Egypt.

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